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20|20 CREW Hello.

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

All right guys- Day one into this decade and it's been quite a fun ride. While there are a lot of goals to start new habits for many, please note that there may be some elevating habits you already live by and it's been working out! If so, celebrate that. <3 You're dope man.

The intention of this decade is to acknowledge the Beautiful Imperfections of Life, and to flow with your flow bluntly and authentically. Unapologetically you, and if shit gets tough and some truth is thrown your way about what may and may not be working for you: Receive it, Respect it, and well- allow yourself to continue evolving to the dope ass hue of light that you are. Of course, you are welcome to do whatever your heart, memories, and layers inspire you to do!

In this side of the world, I have come to acknowledge that Life can be pretty great. Obstacles will always be present but those experiences teach you to appreciate the good stuff. Then, those things will come and go.

Art is Life. Art heals. Art speaks. Art listens. Art opens doors. Art has connected me with some dope ass people that just amaze me every opportunity they get. Art can form families and bring to life those vivid dreams we have. Many things will happen- good, bad, backwards, understandable, so many things- and in the midst of it all there will be a committed Artist Co-op Group in the DMV consisting of five individuals all striving to become masters of their crafts.

The 20|20 CREW has been brought together by a combination of chance, love, fate, and balance in this world. Each individual is a cosmic mind of scrambled memories and the desire to create and elevate. I can't help but to get poetic thinking about this group because there is so much love at its core. To direct this more in a more direct and cognitive way, here are some bullet points for you. The big idea ultimately is to contribute to the health, well-being, and growth of each team member's art career. We have 12 projects in total to share with you, follow us, our journey, and whatever life has to throw at us.

Each artist dominantly uses different mediums, but as different as we may be- we are very similar. We look forward to learning from each other, teaching each other, and sharing along the way. It is understood that we each honor the aspect of a growth mindset and thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.

More to come regarding 20|20 CREW.

Start to get to know each member personally! More to be shared|Enjoy Life.

|Andre| best known as Cixteen: @dmcixteen. ---Click here to explore his beats ---

|Chris| best known as Chris: @LifeYieldsFood. ---Click here to book a Class---

|Yalonda| best known as Wildflower: @Wildflower_Sweets. ---Click here for inquiries---

|Shiva| best knows as Shiva: @Shiva.Sway. ---Click here to explore his movement---

|Gaby| returning to Gabriela. @Gaby.Nobody. ---Click here to subscribe to Website---

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