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Well 2020 is literally around the corner and overall I am excited to experience all that 2020 has for me! Now listen, a new year doesn't mean a new you and I've learned that through experience. In 2020 I will be turning 28. Dude, all I have to say is, "I have no idea dude".

Sometimes I still feel like a 22 year old wondering what the hell taxes are, or like a 17 year old teenager with big dreams with no idea how to get there. Sometimes I still feel like a 25 year old thinking that I have all the time in the world and then I realize that I am now 28 years old and 3 years just flew by while I sneezed- eyes shut, ugly face, and all!

When I was younger, my dad took me to a psychiatrist that informed us that my mind was 7 years older than my physical body. Trust me, today I have many questions regarding that visit. Why was I there in the first place? Why did I not continue going to a head dr. afterwards? Where would I be today if I was mentally challenged back then? Then, I remember that I was living in what the United States of America would call a "third-country". El Salvador is a beautiful country and my home forever. There, like here, and well- everywhere else, the power of the mind is dismissed. I say that to say this, when I remember that next year I will be 28- I remind myself that my mind is 35 and I push myself harder. I know it's silly and frankly we never got a second opinion, so who the hell knows!

This is what I know, I am getting closer and closer to 30. From what I understand, the 30s are

pretty dope. It is said that you explore and f*ck around in your 20s, and clarity hits you in your 30s. I have been through enough bullshit, hurt enough people, and put myself in enough shady situations to not have some clarity. Fortunately and many times painfully, my purpose in this walk has been clarified to me years before I join the 30 crowd. I've self-healed many wounds and I've witnessed my skin become thicker and thicker to not honor it. I've had too many questions and raw conversations with "God" to live in doubt of the power of Love. Most unforgettably, I have lived "down" for too long to not uplift people around me. I've hit too many walls to forget that there is always a way to break through, walk around, or damn right- climb over it!

Throughout 2020 I will be making decisions and sharing its results with you where I have my 30s in mind. My recent vacation in Mexico, blessed me with enough sun and lack of day-to-day ruckus to come back with a clear vision on how I can monetize my art (all of it), uplift people, and bring some dope ass friends along with me.

Throughout 2020 I will be a director of an Arts Program here in College Park and I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to share my love of art and its power with others. In the midst of this, I have also established an artist co-op group consisting of 5 talented and unique individuals. These two things and of course, my website will be taking up pretty much my whole time. To keep my sanity I have also created a Spending plan thanks to Keina Newell's 2020 Financial Challenge which will allow me to honor the time I spend with Women of Washington hosted by Catherine A. Wood (Executive Coach, Co-founder of PACK retreats, and author|| Click here to get to know her too!), Women of Baltimore hosted by Ashley Jackson whose intention is "to create a supportive community where women are free to express themselves, discuss topics of interest, and learn from each other" (Click here to message me directly and I will provide details per request), and Mixed Martial Arts classes at Mr. Kim's studio in College Park, MD to embark on a whole new journey that I have been preparing for throughout these last 5 years (Click here to check out their courses, history, & mission).

Look, thank you for taking your time to read this. Thank you for subscribing to my website and keeping up to date with all its progress (If you haven't- please do. <3). I have welcomed Carmen Hernandez (Camen's Concious Corner) and Sandra Argueta (Owner of Genesis Beauty Salon) as featured entrepreneurs onto my site. Carmen is a talented young brilliant mind with powerful choice of words and vivid memories. Sandra is a young Latina woman running her own beauty salon while balancing well...LIFE. Check them out, respect their hustle, and more thoughts and results to be shared soon.

^^^20|20 CREW Vision Board.

Be one of the first to view our first project! Like it, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Thank you kindly for taking your time to read. <3

Give Love. Recieve Love. Be Love.


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