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An American Experience: Pt 2

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Dear Reader

I write to discuss the prolonged anxiety of the unknown.

Many stay awake at night, gazing upon the stars in search of a deeper meaning of the self and I believe there is nothing wrong with this.

There is nothing to be doing within the void, just darkness and chilling isolation.

Within the isolation of it all certain factoids come to light.

Ironic that within the void of darkness, light finds its way to shine through. A spectrum of color can be felt from anywhere within the lights reach.

The never ending battle between the unknown & the known will continue to rage on even as we all gaze upon the eventual same set of stars.

It is hard to say if what we do know is even remotely correct. It’s safe to assume there are other planets with similar questions that we all find ourselves collectively wondering but, it’s also safe to assume that we, likely, know nothing and best keep our heads down.

Creativity is a glorious outlet to those that contemplate the unknown universe in attempts to quantify their known existence.

The freedom of self expression is a rare gift and those with a sociable talent for it tend to evolve exponentially, similar to that of an ascension into a godhood like status.

Fame & fortune is sought out, like a wildfire that catches easily in dry climates, for the sake of a name being remembered or for the protection of ones own.

There are many who speak out against hatred & bigotry as naturally as breathing air. There is pride in this for ignorance is someone else’s pain.

The earth is still evolving though ever turning the universe continues to call but we cannot answer.

Too many people left alone to suffer in silence. Too many people have been hurt and butchered over trivial nonsense, just open a history book.

Too many people have been stepped on & stepped over so others could rise above.

Their cries were real & they were ignored, taken advantage of and used.

Living beings. Recycled pain.

The roots are rotten.

This is known.

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