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An American Experience Pt 3

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Dear Reader

There is no comfort without love, love for someone or something.

Where there is warmth in the hearth there is warmth of the mind. Usually.

Some can function under delusional states, claiming unutterable nonsense all the while doing unspeakable things.

Within the social pecking order we can easily pull the roots of taboo behavior & amend accordingly, though it is hard to do this without proper worldly experience.

The world is vast with many nooks & crannies of existence that, likely, have yet to be discovered.

Opinions are like flies, they live shortly & buzz around making an awful lot of racket and given the amount of humans that live on this blue planet, I’m sure you can imagine how the flies must be feeling.

I imagine few people care about the opinions of flies, there are usually more pressing matters to attend to.

No one likes to think about the short lives of insects because it isn’t as relatable or as lovely as the ways we choose to pass the time.

We are a reflection of what we consume & who we surround ourselves with. Like suits of armor, we guard our squishy existence with every inkling of our being.

Callous, spiteful people belittling the voices of the innocent & suffering.

Children, thoughtlessly thrown into cages, shot dead in the streets or abused by predators.

More questions for answers.

When will we hold ourselves accountable?

Where are the solutions?

What is just?


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