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An American Experience Pt 5

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Dear Reader

Words unspoken are better left unsaid in my experience. Over sharing can decimate all kinds of friendships alone and finding the right balance is also tricky.

Most social cues are not difficult to pick up but it is difficult to maintain as humanity rapidly evolves everyday.

Within a raging pandemic, COVID alone has shaped social calls and mental illness as a whole. The unwavering uncertainty of day to day life is an excruciatingly emotionally exhausting feat.

There is much to be incensed over as the past year alone has shown the world how badly it really gets for those who have very little or nothing at all.

As an unemployed American who is suffering from PTSD, Severe Anxiety & Severe Major Depressive Disorder, questions deserved to be asked.

When hope flutters, fleeting against the flickering street lamps among the cold stillness, I implore you. The question begs to be asked.

Why are things the way they are?

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