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An American Experience Pt 6

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Dear Reader

To endure is to imply a certain level of stress, to say the least.

When one endures, it typically indicates that the person is either struggling or some sort of tension is occurring.

The word is also used frequently when admiring or providing praise, which can be confusing given the implications of the word.

No one wants to experience stress or struggle, not really, at least not without cause.

Sports are a great example of how endurance pays off, as competition of prowess and fortitude is always fantastic entertainment.

When comparisons get involved, it gets tricky again.

Opinions are shared.

Debate sparks.

Discussions ensue.

Connections can be made or severed.

Generally speaking, through endured conversation our minds sharpen with new learned opinions, perspectives & information.

Gaining insight or wisdom is one of the better ways to truly understand how to maneuver through the chaotic whims and follies of what life has to offer.

The limitations of life’s given structures and systems have endured but they are alas broken. Questions deserved to be asked.

As one of 12.6 million Americans still unemployed, fortunate in more ways than most but still scraping the bottom of the barrel and barely scratching the surface, the questions beg to be asked.

No one should have to endure this level of poverty and survive off of the bare minimum. No one should have to fear an insurmountable amount of debt that looms overhead.

We are trying to live.

We are trying to breathe.

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