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[[[Ashley Jaye Williams]]]

Current Dope Ass DMV Spotlight.




& Installation Artist.

DC Based.

Based on my experience in Life, Ashley Jaye Williams is pretty fucking dope. Her executed art speaks in loud volumes on behalf of Ashley's unique mind. She may just be the physical manifestation of everything you want to become as an artist.

In a nutshell, Ashley Jaye Williams is a Washington DC resident, a Full-time Artist, and a well-rounded badass chick.

Some of her recent work includes:

|| A mural for @SurfSideDC in Dupont Circle, DC. where Ashley had the opportunity to work with @NicoleTeatelier (click here to explore Nicole's work).

|| Mural work for #MadeinNYCWEEK2019 on 323 Canal St. NYC. This street is filled with history and forgotten presence. Here, like many places, Art has the power to bring awareness and shed light into many gems. To read a NYC resident's perspective of Canal St, check out this "Forgotten New York" Article.


|| A 2-day mural project for @craftyfestivalDC in of course- Washington, DC. " Crafty is the go-to destination for discovering unique, ethically sourced goods from independent artists and visionaries. "

More of Ashley Jaye Williams to be shared throughout 2020.

@SufSideDC. 1800 N. St. NW. Washington, DC 20036. See Ashley's original post here.

Thank you kindly for reading.

Give Love. Receive Love. Be Love.

Make sure to follow Ashley and keep up with her website.

More of this dope ass artist to be shared throughout 2020.

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