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Aug 2022: The God in me won't let me quit.

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Life is a rollercoaster of blessings and shit storms. What is constant through it all, is our greatness within.

Here are 4 affirmations for you and I to turn to throughout this month of Aug. May this month be filled with triumphs, an abundance of Self-Love, and a whole lot of us believing in ourselves. 😘

Affirmation # 1:

"My actual self & aspirational self is at peace with each other."

Affirmation #2:

"The God in me won't let me quit instead pushed me to commit, to submit, & transmit all the Love that God is."

Affirmation # 3:

"I love who I am and I believe in my goals & dreams."

Affirmation # 4:

"With every breath I take, I am letting peace into my body & I can feel the connection to my inner peace "

Thank you for your time. In those times that you doubt your greatness, remember all the shit you made it through that you thought was meant to break you. You are fucking amazing, unstoppable, and everflowing baby.


Click HERE to check out this month's featured post.

Here is a snippet of the article:

"Recently, I’ve been thinking about what it means to give a person grace or to have compassion for them, because I believe it’s directly related to the expectations we have for a person or the projections we place on others without their say in it. We expect a lot. We also project a lot. At least, I do it a lot and I’m actively trying to change it. I’m trying my best to consciously and intentionally have love for people where they are and for who they are in the present moment. And to not add any of my expectations of who, how, or where they should be into the mix at all, as well as not projecting any of my own wants, needs, experiences, or ideals onto them either. And it’s hard ya’ll! It’s hard to give others grace or have compassion for others when I don’t understand or like something to do with them, their circumstances, their actions, etc. It’s difficult to take myself and my expectations out of the equation of how I view and accept others. " By Carmen Hernandez.

Carmen is a bright young lady exploring this world one decision, one moment, and one plane ticket at a time.

If you are here, you have the opportunity to read thoughts that she is willing to share with you. Give it some time and you may discover you contemplate very similar questions.


GabyNobody is an Elevated Thoughts Activist & a Creative. As a survivor, her art focuses on depicting the journey of Healing and returning to self. Head Honcho of The BeYouForYou Network, the Artist Liaison of The Comus Inn, and more. Shop her art now or Subscribe. To request tour of Physical Art displayed at The Comus Inn text (301) 549-2916

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