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Oct. 2022:Be led by the dreams in your heart, not the fears in your mind. You are so fucking badass!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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It's easy to get caught up in the moment. Life happens and sometimes "accidents" can really fuck you up. In time, life will kindly remind you that there's a plan and it will also kindly remind you to stop complicating it.

Here's an example of how Life recently reminded me.


My abuelita's house plants.

My grandmother recently had surgery and I was there as she rehabilitated and recovered. I am humbled by the organic and intimate connections we have been able to experience such as me helping her walk as she once witnessed me learn to walk. She bathed me and changed me as a baby, and I was able to do the same for her now. She is so grateful, and I can feel it in her tender kisses as she greets me, now feeling stronger than ever.

I knew it was a good day in her recovery when she decided she wanted to spend the day repotting some big house plants that she has had since before I even learned English. She made the declaration of the plan to repot around 7:30AM and at 2PM that same day 3 generations repotted these plants together: my abuela, my oldest tia, and myself.

This moment was very magical to me. I believe plants are big connectors between us and God. I also know that God looks very different to my tia and abuela compared to how I witness God in my life. But in this moment, we connected in silence as we worked the soil and worked through these big ole roots of these healthy indoor plants. We each cleared mold from parts where water sat in the pot. They comfortably delegated me to do all the heavy lifting and I humbly did, happy to ease their labor as much as I could. These two women molded me, watched over me, and loved me since day one in their own way.

Carefully and lovingly, we separated these huge indoor plants into multiple smaller pots. Abuela then instructed me to get myself a decent pot to plant some in there for me to take to my home. I was elated and genuinely felt so deeply loved. The experience of us repotting together, and the opportunity to take a piece home with me was overall the most beautiful thing to me.

That day came to an end. I thought I found the perfect place for the plants to thrive in their new home. I greeted the plants every day feeling very connected to my grandma. Every time I looked at the plants, I was transported back to that moment where 3 generations connected with God through these plants. I looked forward to telling that story to anyone who visited my home and saw these gorgeous plants.

On a day that nothing seemed to go right, my dog -Scrappy- managed to knock over the plants and they landed on the floor, on our carpet. The weight of the soil crushed a lot of the already dying plants. Scrappy didn't care as he was fixated on our neighbors who were doing nothing but minding their own business. This dominoed more things around the house to fall, clash, or get fucked up one way or another. It wasn't a good day and I sat there, feeling defeated.

My mother-in-law, Lydia, walked in during my moment of self-deprecation. She tried to lighten the mood, but I was not having it. The chances of these plants surviving this were very low and signs of death were clear. In that time, I shamed myself for somehow killing plants that had thrived so long under my grandma's care. I declared myself a failure and a disgrace for ruining such a beautiful gift. Seriously, I should have known that Scrappy was going to fuck them up in this very specific way. My mother-in-law knew I was upset and gave me space.

Most of the plants died. I saved a small portion of it in soil as well as water. I didn't get over this an hour later. I carried my anger and my upset for days. Crazy enough, I was genuinely mad at Scrappy for being a dog and acting like one. I know, wild! I believed it was over and that the beautiful memory of 3 generations repotting together was tainted by this unfortunate event.

Two weeks later my grandma calls me and asks me, "did your plants take?"

This was the first time I had to tell my grandma how upset I was with my dog and that most of the plants died. In my own animated way with my whole truth, I told her the whole story down to the fact that only about 20% of the plants survived.

My Salvadoran side of the family is filled with unique loud and boisterous laughs. We have an inappropriate sense of humor, with a borderline bullying mentality. After I told my grandma what happened, she laughed and laughed. She mocked me and repeated some of my exaggerated lines regarding my dog. The fact that I had gotten so angry was hilarious to her. She then told me something that also made me laugh at myself, and my anger, and the fact that I had spent so much time being so upset.

She told me that, in her space, all the plants had died. She told me none of the plants took and that they all rotted. I laughed at the irony of this situation and then laughed more at the irony of life itself.

If Scrappy hadn't made that big mess that day, none of the plants would have survived. If all that fuckery hadn't happened, small clippings of that plant wouldn't be sprouting big healthy roots at this time. Life always works out the way it's supposed to. There's a lot of good things in place for me. There's a quote that says, "Everything will work out in the end and if it doesn't, then it is not the end yet." I have learned that the more I am present, the more blessings come through. Life can be found only in the present moment. Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever the fuck you want to do if you stay in the present moment. We can gain experience from the past, but we can't relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don't know if there is one. You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.


Links to Available Tickets for Month of Oct. 2022

As mentioned in prior articles, I was wrongfully terminated from a 9-5 on July 5th during my time off. Everything I do, I do it 100% so I greatly appreciate your time and support here.

Below you will see a list of events I am either hosting or participating in. I would love to see your face at any or all of these events. Love you so.

Actual Art Show:


Did you read our September 2022 Article? It discussed the power of trusting the process, touched on our partnership with The Comus Inn, as well as highlighted a very bright and beautiful independent artist: Kianna Nobles.


Thank you & Be Love.

My name is GabyNobody (Elevated Thoughts Activist & a Creative); I am the Head Honcho of The BeYouForYou Network & the artist liaison for The Comus Inn. As a survivor, my art focuses on depicting the journey of Healing & returning to self.

Through my journey of Healing, this website came to life. A platform for myself and an inner circle of friends and survivors to Create, Connect, and Evolve (together and as individuals).

Through the development of this website, my openness to dream big, my wild imagination, and the fire within me that never dies... the art that I create has led me to connect 1:1 with resilient and inspiring individuals I could have never imagined and opportunities for me to evolve and unbecome that sometimes leave me speechless, in awe, and absolutely humbly grateful.

Text your address to (301) 549-2916 to receive your fun-sized GabyNobody print.

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