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Seriously, just be YOU.


Life is a funny thing. I love it and it confuses me.

In my early 20s, I was told many times things like "you are so awesome", "you should make your own show", "you should perform your stuff", "you should write a book", and more suggestions on how I should live my life.

People would tell me things like this when I was just being: shamelessly, carelessly, and without any fucks to give.

I took people's advice and made a YouTube, performed my poetry, started writing several books, and did a whole bunch of other things based on the "good ideas" that people had for me.

Throughout these adventures, I unfolded many layers of myself. I discovered that I am pretty decent at whatever I put my mind to.

One of my most recent unfolding of layers is this: there are some things that I have been lacking because it's taken me so long to really figure out and embrace who the fuck I am and hone my authentic self. I've held on to people's expectations of me and somewhere along the way stopped just BEING: again, shamelessly, carelessly, and without fucks to give. This includes being okay with not knowing what I am doing exactly. This also means not pressuring myself and stressing myself to all these expectations rooted in me from other people and of course my fear of... well a lot of things.

This is indeed an article with fragmented thoughts and a lot of internal reflections. I am so fucking grateful from the bottom of my heart that you are here right now. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your interest in my art whether it's my paintings, my videos, or a one-on-one connection at the most random time. I do believe that you are here today because I have been more authentic with myself, and I have been giving a lot less fucks as well. It's been really nice and I intend to continue on this journey.

After all, that is my trademark baby: Be You For You all day baby.

Fuck the bullshit and be the loving, limitless, creative, great, and hilarious being that you are.

Much Love. Review the following video for exactly the same message expressed in a different way. That is all.


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