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Breaking Grounds-New Moon in Virgo Sept. 2020

New Moon in Virgo 9/17 at 7am EST:

The world is a big and scary place, especially when things are uncertain. It requires a sense of security to move forward and a degree of inner peace. Maintaining that inner peace takes applying a variety of strategies and one of those for me is drinking tea. The quotes at the end of the tea-bag string always come at the right time and today, these quotes wanted to be shared w/you all too: "There is pleasure in the pathless woods" and "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

Sometimes we are lost, we are stuck, but really it's the feeling of it. We're in a state of bewilderment, but what this really means is that we are trying for something, we are trying to have an experience and are then met w/the result of our choices. The state of Bewilderment is key in discovering the solutions towards our goals. Setting intentions under a New Moon are seeds for cultivating the guidance towards our desired outcomes.

But we always have the ability to find "pleasure" in this state because there is no "perfect" way of living, and in this world we've inherited, paying attention to the signs can help you find inner peace quicker than you think. A true feeling of peace can be found by going inward and under any condition. It's important to realize that if we aren't trying for something, we're really not living. If we're not experiencing conflict, we're falling short of opportunities for growth. The more conflict, the more growth. And it's in moments of "confusion" that it's important to remember how far we've actually come and to learn from the ways of nature. Faith + Introspection + Practice = Sweet, Sweet Inner Peace.

Take as a "guru" for this season, our relative, the tree. A tree knows instinctively to grow up and out, but it also remains firmly grounded in one place. We must take time to be like a tree, and if needed give one a big old hug (It's amazing, I highly encourage it!)

And on THAT note:

/ / / *Welcoming the New Moon in Virgo, a Supermoon! coming in at 7am EST on Thursday 9/17*, it will be important to practically cling onto the perspectives mentioned above as the Earth's mind, body, and soul continue to be shattered so we can all collectively give way for a new collective way of being. In everything that seems imperfect in our lives and world, know this, the choreography of the cosmos has perfect timing. You, reading this at this moment, is perfect timing. It's up to you to find in this, an opportunity to get closer to who you know you can be, who you know WE can be. \ \ \

BTDUBS: There are many super potent aspects also happening during this New Moon in Virgo period: Mars is retrograde, Jupiter is squaring Mercury exactly, Saturn still being retrograde is trining w/the New Moon, Mars is squaring Saturn and Mercury retrograde's shadow will be starting next week (going retrograde Oct.13th). And there's a buunch of other planetary movements that our little humxn antennae have been and will be picking up on during this time. ---> For a cheat sheet on the NMV and Virgo traits and links to resources, scroll to the end! For pretty meaningful and carefully prepared insight on how we are being affected, read on!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Circumstantial Energies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Preface: A lot of us have been working towards our goals in new ways since March when most folks went into quarantine. We gained hard lessons to learn, a lot of "free" time, and an impulse of creativity to really enjoy life and progress in our goals. As we all (hopefully) know, the maaany fights we have been taking on this year and for many, hundreds of years, are not over. But nothing is without a purpose. Our society/our planet's inhabitants needed a major shift in consciousness. Something to humble us down and pay attention to where it matters most. We've been working really hard, this Virgo season is making things even harder and it feels like we can't catch a break. Wellp! There is no better way to align with your goals than through setting intentions with a New Moon like with a Virgo New Moon.


What really is up: The energy of this Virgo New Moon will encourage us to keep going and to continue to do the dirty work. Things are getting more real which means we're picking up on the negative things we've hidden from ourselves for a long time and unable to move forward until those are addressed.

It encourages integrity in continuing to establish the new and improved you, you so diligently started working towards at the beginning of the year - which we all know, is work that started a long time ago.

We are not yet right where we want to be in life. We aren't seeing the ultimate results that we've been working for but the Virgo energy is here to help us in the final stages of achieving them, putting a full stop to the habits that have been getting in the way of that by trying something diff-erent.

Virgo energy focuses a lot on health. What is good for you? What is good for you in accomplishing your goals? If you're finding some resistance it's because we're in the middle of the clearing out process, a beautiful and painful process, before we see our outcomes closer towards the end of the year.

We're shifting our paradigm in a pragmatic way. In a way that takes all angles into account. And since this New Moon is only a week away from the beginning of Libra season, there is an influence of balance, impartiality, and justice. Being fair even when it comes to your own shortcomings. But be careful of falling into self-loathing from focusing too much on the wrong turns you made in your life for whatever reason, because we all deserve forgiveness. We are all part of an imperfect society and we all deserve to enjoy peace, joy and abundance in this lifetime and we don't have to wait a million years or for all conditions to be perfect.

If there's something I discovered in this quarantine, it's that it IS possible to find and provide peace for yourself at any point in the day if you just set a little bit of time out to meditate, pray, journal, have some tea, wear some crystals, listen to high-frequency music,etc.. because spirituality is just like a physical muscle, it requires practice, and practice requires vulnerability, carefulness, respect for the craft, creativity, humility in seeking guidance, experimenting, failing, repetition, but most importantly FAITH.

Faith that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Faith that you are being encouraged by the Universe, Creator, Source whatever you want to call the energy. That you have entities in the Spirit world that are waiting and sometimes begging for you to ask them for help because they can't do act without your request and without you following up with what you CAN do on your end. #TruePrayerWorks

With spiritual practices, the process of learning the lessons your soul needs to learn to clear all of the trauma from your ancestors, and for us to become a healthier society can become a trillion times easier. Learning about your birth chart, listening to tarot readers and astrologers on youtube, getting disciplined with your spiritual practice is Thee Key for any progress you're trying to make in your life. Spiritual practices are unique, malleable, and are a responsibility like any other.

Our current energies might feel rough around the edges, might saw right into us, but this is one of the final stages of this period of CLEARING OUT the old spiritual beliefs that we've held onto for decades and decades that for a long time helped us cope, but that we are now outgrowing. We are being challenged, but at the same time encouraged to keep going so we can finally RELEASE! Let these burdens go! And make room for an integral future grounded in health, fairness and, (you knew it was coming..) abundance!! Yes, beautiful abundance!!

New beliefs mean new habits of believing, and "A belief is only a thought I keep thinking" - from Getting into the Vortex Relationships Card Deck by Esther and Jerry Hicks

*Please note that I read tarot and oracle cards as well as provide healing sessions based on prayer, meditation, and indigenous knowledge. Message me for more info! *

~~~~~~~~~TsaiCliffnotes for Setting Intentions:~~~~~~~~~~~~

*Find and Keep Your Balance/Inner Peace.

*Move Forward with Integrity.

*Look at Your Pain/Fears and Simply Identify Them

*Forgive Yourself for the Lies/Hurt You've Brought Onto Yourself and Others

*Remember to also Focus on the Long Game

*Honor Your Progress

*Beware of Overthinking/OverWorrying. Stop It In It's Tracks

*Look for Perfection in the Imperfection

*Get out to Nature and Hug a Tree (Dr. Tsai's orders)

*Look to Nature for Advice (how does Nature grow and exist?)

*Continue to Fine-Tune your Holistic Health and Wealth Routines

*Choose Your Battles Wisely

*Stay Flexible/Adaptable

*Know that You are Being Supported to Overcome

*Know that You are Being Supported to Overcome

*Spiritual Advancement Takes Doing Spiritual Homework

*RELEASE: Old Survival Fears ("You only drop it like a rolling stone."-Janelle Monae)

*You ARE Ready 2 Take Those Risks You've Long Hesitated 2 Take-Go For It.

*Let Yourself Be Present, Content, Filled w/ Faith in the Ethers

*Send Your Doubts To Your Spirit Guides and Watch the Solutions Come To You

~~~~~~~Balanced and Imbalanced Virgo Energy~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Attention to Detail vs. Overthinking: Increase of information intake/Stagnation, hesitation, Anxiety from too many thoughts

2. Practicality vs. Nearsightedness: Helps break dreams/desires down into goals by being grounded but can fail (yes, I said fail!) to see the bigger picture.

3. Self-Purification vs. Perfectionism: Breaking habits and establishing new ones that support your physical, spiritual and mental health vs. Not feeling content with the progress already made

4. Strong Connection to Earth/(no actual cons here, we can all do some more connecting to Gaia these days): Makes being in touch with Nature more healing, learning from Nature.

5. Introspectivity vs. Self-Scrutinization: Being objective enough to see how to improve yourself as a persxn / Being too hard on yourself, limiting yourself from enjoying Peace.

6. Integrity vs. Holding Grudges: Taking into account your own wrongdoings, where you've lied to yourself, hurting yourself and others, integrating the past, present and future and mind, boy and soul for what they are/Not forgiving others for not having Integrity in the above meaning of the word.


Use the links you are called to!

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