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Bright as Fuck!

Titled: "Damaged but not broken." by GabyNobody.

Be a friend, share with a friend.

Much Love.


In correlation to last week's article that included Lauren Hill's transparent words of experiencing introducing herself to multiple people multiple times, let me introduce myself as I am today.

Hi. My name is Gabriela. To some people I am GabyNobody, to others I am Lopez-Bustamante, others Gab, and now to my favorite group of people I am known as Ms. G.

I am an Elevated Thoughts Activist & a Creative. My art focuses on depicting the journey of healing and returning to self. Through my own experience, the BeYouForYou Network came to life. I am here for survivors of abuse as a guide back to Self-Love, Growth, and Transparency.

Current priorities:

All of these things take time and energy. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sometimes I find myself tired and, in those moments, I honor myself and this mission by resting. Resting is a form of Self-Love. Anyways, if there is anything my most recent hardships have taught me it is this: I can fucking do anything I put my mind to.

Same goes for you! You have overcome so much. You've surprised yourself multiple times. You are your worst critic and your biggest cheerleader. You are also your own best fucking friend, so put yourself first and follow the same advice you'd give to someone else you love.

Eight months ago, I felt broken and beaten down. I was emotionally abused by my father-in-law. I didn't see it then, but I see it clearly now: part of my life purpose is to assist breaking generational cycles. These cycles I am here to help break aren't just in my own familia but in those of whom I love. I was meant to help my mother break her cycle by bringing to light that her man sexually assaulted me. I was meant to help my aunt break her cycle by bringing to life that her husband, my uncle, also sexually assaulted me. And in this current experience with my father-in law, I was always meant to assist my mother-in-law break her cycle and her bond with this man that abused her and their children for decades. It's been a long and muddy walk, but the weight is lighter and this man will be out of her life for good in a very short period of time. This makes me feel really fucking good.

I am not who I was a year ago. I love harder, I dive deeper, and I empathize more. May you continue to grow in your path as well. Thank you for letting me share. Much Love.


Hype song for Life and my recommendation for you this week:


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