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Cancer Full 'Cold' Moon 12/29 - Heart is where the Home is

What is the role of a mother? One of if not the most important roles that mold us & thus the planet. Every little action or inaction by "the mother" can turn a molehill into a mountain for a persxn's life because no matter how much one's body might age, our ability to absorb information & learn to take care of ourselves & our surroundings doesn't stop at some sweet spot between your teenage years and your early 20's. In an ideal, sustainable adult livelihood, the mother figure in our life is adopted by our own selves where we take on the task of loving ourselves unconditionally by taking care of our bodies, homes, families & friends. This Full 'Cold' Moon in Cancer is none other than a lovely, mushy-gushy gift from the Cosmos at the end of this year 2020, to settle into what will be our future homelife through our newly honed *emotional* habits that guide our behaviors in the external world. The sign of Cancer being ruled by the Moon is the energetic essence of the nurturing mother, the internal sense of comfort through physical and emotional safety and security, intuitive guidance, the balancing of emotions. WITH the Sun currently being in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the disciplinary father energy, the external plans and ambitions, the judgment-based structures, always seeking financial and social security. These two together bring about a union of the masculine and feminine divine essneces, where they collaborate and cooperate w/each other and this is something truly worth celebrating because it brings a feeling of finding emotional comfort within oneself and establishing practical security within the world by enforcing both motherly and fatherly influences for ourselves as we go about our days and nights.

In this time, the emotional component of Cancer is what reigns. Our senses become heightened, a pull towards meditation & emotional exploration can take place because the earthy disciplinary energy of Capricorn allows us to maintain a practical pace while leading with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras aka our love, foresight, and spiritual connection. It's a time where you can take a moment to realize how far you've come seeing that now you are more emotionally balanced and equipped to handle situations that were previously challenging by tuning into your intuition as it's currently influenced to function as a caring and gentle mother would with hxr small child, reminding you to stay on task with all things heart and home, from making sure you're eating your vegetables to being patient with yourself when you're struggling with getting something done right to just shedding wisdom, love, and company. It's a really special energy to take advantage of because, if you think about it, our world's greatest source of pain & harm truly is due to the perpetuation of previous ones, manifested through the generational inheritance of trauma, and after having literally fought for our lives and given our A-L-L this year, Universe, Source, Creator, has truly stepped into the parental roles that planet Earth as a whole was lacking and set us on a new and better course, bringing it to full circle and ending it right at the home, with the Moon in Cancer hxrself, and that is a pretty sweet gift to receive.

*Takes a moment to give thanks & acknowledge our Blessings and Oneness*

The ugly truth is that our relationships with our physical (non-universe) parents as a society are often in discord in so many cases more than others, but that doesn't mean we are not deserving of receiving healthy and holistic 'mothering' and 'fathering', and that's right where the ethers come in. Those forces beyond our 5 senses find ways to shower that energy onto us when seasons like these come around, speaking to us from the inside-out. And what a more special way for us to feel REAL LOVE if not withIN? Whatever you're currently working towards in your life, subconsciously, the driving force of any one's life can be broken down to LOVE! you want to feel GOOD in the TRUE sense, you want to feel ENOUGH, you want to feel LOVED by a love that doesn't drain away so frequently, that doesn't depend on superficial acts and actors to keep you satisfied and focused on your ambitions, but being loved by a love that is TRUE and FAIR, a love that while others can share theirs with us, feels most fulfilling when it comes from ourselves. Our home is a reflection of that love because we work for it and design it to bring us comfort. But ultimately the greatest love in our hearts is nurtured by our family, biological and/or chosen, humxn or non-humxn, or even with our passed ancestors & loved ones living through us, to create a place of comfort to rest and be at peace at the end of the day and the start of the morning, to build a home, and if "home is where the heart is" then the family is the beating of the heart. Even your ancestors' hearts are beating right through yours! So if you ever feel overcome by loneliness, you can think about it this way, you are NEVER alone, you are always ALL-ONE. And Cancer's intuitive energies are perfect for tuning into psychic and spiritual practices that will help us be more open to receiving messages from either physical signs around you or just an inner knowing!

This Full Moon in Cancer is not necessarily teaching us or even showing us, it's becoming of us, that Motherly Love w/the potential of spoiling us into happy little earthling children that aren't lacking confidence, that aren't lacking patience, aren't lacking their basic needs, aren't lacking comfort and aren't lacking a family! It's true! That shining light of Love, is within us! Because we are all one! And as long as you can remember that and remember how that *feels*, you won't ever feel overcome by loneliness, or unsupported, or anxious and insecure about yourself and you'll be able to build a family with other "hoomans" in a healthy, sustainable and joyfully loving way where you can share those roles with each other and create a stronger and even more comfortable home on our joined home, Earth!!

That being said, I know we've all been constantly giving of ourselves this whole year but let's keep showing up for each other and make some more efforts for folks in truly dire situations!!

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Tsai is a Two-Spirit multidisciplinary artist based in the DMV that focuses on decolonizing ways of healing as an Afro-Indigenous migrant of Ecua-Panameñx descent. Peace, Power, Love and Light for ALL.

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Monthly Motivational Shit
Monthly Motivational Shit
02 ene 2021

Tsai, thank you kindly for the insight and the reminders of how interconnected we all really are.

This moon was something so magical, I am convinced that I saw a full moon 4 days in a row and no one can tell me anything opposing that.

I think that all the struggles and things we have had to face this previous year was a preparation for the immense magic introduced into 2021 through this moon.

Thank you so much for everything that you are, everything that you share, and all the research that you do in order to provide us this information. I look forward to seeing and experiencing your growth and Light through 2021 and I hope to bring…

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