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Fill that cup!

Titled: "Fill that cup" by GabyNobody.

Video is free to download.

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Much Love.

(Same video, just YouTube)


These motivational videos came to Life when I had way too many jobs and not enough time to do my art.

They started out as a daily challenge for me to put myself out there with the time and resources that I had at the time, which wasn't much of anything. It has been great and fun and what was once a daily routine has transitioned to a weekly routine. Recently, I shared on my social media how I honestly don't know about these weekly videos anymore. Something I also shared was that Life has guided me towards a direction of being in complete alignment with everything I want to contribute to, and that includes saying a lot less, and doing so much more. Everything I have shared through these last several years through my videos has brought me closer to my mission and myself. Now, I am so fucking busy doing things that align with my purpose, and the mission of the BeYouForYou Network. Honestly, I still don't know the answer to how I am going to proceed with these motivational videos but here is a video that helped me from an amazing being that I also follow.

"Being authentic isn't about what you know, it's really about what you don't know. And being okay with the fact that you don't know a lot." -Fauxtivational_Speaker

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