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My friendships have kept me alive.

Titled: "Fuck the bullshit" by GabyNobody

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Be a friend, share with a friend.

Much Love.

“Breathe and the World Breathes with You.”

For a fraction of 2021, I have fought my suicidal thoughts left and right. The thought of ending this journey and acknowledging that bullshit flows in made me feel quite small. I am reminded that I am strong, and that I am loved. There were a lot of times that this wasn't enough. I felt too scared too often to feel "one" with the universe.

The daily struggles in my head have started to shift but it is an every day decision.

I share this today because two of my favorite people in the world are currently struggling with the same demons, and the same thoughts. Both have inspired me in my life to keep going. Both have told me how beautiful and wonderful I am. Both are a big part of my Life and it breaks my heart to know that they are in this darkness.

Knowing how deep it can be, and knowing how dark it can get... I do my best to be available. I do my best to be there for them and remind them how beautiful and wonderful they are as well. Here's a letter to my two best-friends:


I fucking love you. I fucking adore you.

Shit is fucked up right now, I am not arguing that one bit. Thank you for opening up to me and being honest about your feelings and doubts in this cruel world. I can't argue these dark thoughts because this sadness is justified. This feeling of betrayal by the Universe has its right. I felt this not too long ago, and there are days that this feeling creeps back up.

You know what? Having you be a part of my life kept me breathing, kept me fighting, kept me here. There's a lot reasons for me to feel hurt but your friendship is something that I value literally with my life. Our friendship keeps me grounded. Our friendship elevates me when I am low. The main thing that has stopped me from killing myself is the thought of the pain it would bring you. You have brought so much Love and Light into my Life that I refuse to leave you with a suicide note and all the questions that would rise. I refuse to give up this friendship and I hope that I give you reasons everyday to fight for this with me too. I love you so much. You are so amazing, fucking hilarious, and loving. You don't deserve this pain and I promise you it won't last forever. Please keep sharing with me. Please keep expressing yourself. Please don't ever fucking give up on yourself. You are not alone and I am happy to fight with you. We will rise together. We will find our Lights once again. We will survive this and we will thrive. I am here for you, always and forever. I love you so much.

-Your warrior, Your Best-Friend: GabyNobody!


Truth is, there are so many people struggling. Be a friend, and connect. Be a friend, and love hard. Be a kind human being and be the love that we all deserve. Be open, Be honest, Be fucking real baby.

Thank you guys for stopping by! May this coming week's challenges inspire to be stronger and kinder than ever. May this week be filled with Love, Patience, and Evolution.

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