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May you rise through May.

May this month be filled with Love, Patience, and the Strength you need to get closer to achieving your dreams.

There was an audio that really caught my attention recently. The audio quoted this:

"You only got three choices in life:
Give up,
Give in,
Or Give it ALL you got. "

We already know that Life is a slow cooker. In it is a combination of all the good shit and all the bad shit that you have overcome. All the best things in life take time, take patience, and a little innovation as well. Let each ingredient simmer and bind with one another, creating a whole new party of flavors.

Last month for me was amazing! I celebrated my 30th year of Life with Family, Friends, Loved Ones, and my art. I executed my best show yet. The art that I shared in this specific exhibition all brought me joy and made me really proud of how far I have come. These same pieces also brough joy to many survivors that I know. These pieces showed my growth in myself as well as my artistic skills. These pieces also blessed me with an amazing feature in the local newspaper, and each time that I read the article (which my partner framed for me) I am more and more humbled. This art show was on display from March 1st, 2022-April 30th, 2022, at New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, MD. It was a solo show and I love to refer to it as a "One Woman, All Women" show. Check out full featured article here.

This month has been pretty damn challenging and yet I still choose to give it all I got. I return to work tomorrow after a mandatory break due to testing positive for COVID. Emotionally and physically, it was hard as shit. I have lost people to this virus and because of the restrictions that come with it, mourning my loved ones has been a bit lagged. My 9-5 stressed me out because of capitalistic demands. Yet, I chose me and my health first. I will face those consequences tomorrow, and I have no regrets.

Though all this has happened, I kept my eye on the prize which in this case is this: share my art. The isolation gave me a chance to prepare more for my upcoming show. I am very excited for this next step! The selection of these pieces is a continuation of my "One Woman, All Women" energy.

I have spent a good portion of my life hating the challenges and struggles that come with being a Woman. The burden and weight that comes with it didn't make me feel safe or sure of myself. Painting has helped me process this. Being able to paint a visual to things I could not put into words has brought me to where I stand today. Through this healing I have fallen in Love with the Honor is it to be a Woman, to be blessed with this Feminine Divine energy. Through the collection of art pieces, I will be displaying in this show, I found myself and the beauty of being alive. I now wake up each day and make the conscious decision to be the best woman I know I can be in all my power. Most people would easily describe me as masculine and I promise you that's feminine as fuck. There is no one way to be a woman, and through experience I have learned that somewhere someone always has something to say. "You're too bossy", "You're too kind", "You work too hard", "You are always absent", and so on.

I've learned to let them talk and to keep it moving. I've learned to not only connect with the Moon (often correlated with Feminine Divine energy) but I have also learned to embrace my connection to the Sun (often correlated with Masculine energy). I once read a quote that stated,

"Some cultures pair the Sun with masculine energy. There are other cultures that view the fire of the Sun as Feminine Divine energy in its full power"

& this is exactly what is represented through my art in my current exhibition. Here are the details:

  • "One Woman, All Women" Art Exhibition.

  • May 2022-August 2022

  • Location: The Comus Inn | 23900 Old Hundred Rd. Dickerson, MD 20842

  • Text (301) 549-2916 if you have any questions.

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