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One Team, Five Wins.

It’s the second month of the year and the 20/20CREW is currently working on the 3rd project.

In creating this co-op group I stated my personal challenges, with every intention to tackle it down one project at a time. Personally, working with others has never been my strength. Lots of things play into this: 1)When you’ve struggled as much as I have and as long as I have, you don’t want to wait on anyone. 2) Life experiences have taught me that if I want something done “right” then I must do it myself. And 3) No one is going to build my dreams for me but me. These three life lessons alone have given me the needed push, the needed momentum, and the drive that has gotten me this far today. It’s time to shift these three understandings into something much deeper and something that will guide me to the next level up.

Now the closer you get to your destination, more and more things start to appear in the horizon. Things you didn’t have the capability to fathom now start to present themselves and you must adapt accordingly. As life begins to unfold itself, as blessings continue to rain on you, and everything you’d kneeled down for begins to knock on your door- more knowledge and more experience tells you that this is simply the beginning.

My art journey started purely for selfish reasons. I began painting simply for me and myself alone. Before I started painting, I was known as a toxic, impulsive, inconsiderate, and as a hot-head individual. There is no denying that and I have many statuses that I have shared previously to back me up, as well as a graveyard of friendships I wasn’t ready to honor. Art became a means for me to explore that part of me. I then was able to visualize my feelings and then I was able to explore each hue, each stroke, and each finished product. I was able to analyze my work, and became addicted to people sharing their walks with me as well. I found a new way to connect and spark conversations that dug into people’s root issues. It was like magic!

The magic of art has helped me evolve into who I am today. Art freed me from my own mental prison and that is what I want to share with people. I want to communicate its magic clearly and I hope it inspires others to be raw, real, and vulnerable with their art. Now this is what I want to do! This is why this Co-op group has come to life. It’s not success unless you are able to elevate others as well, share your table with others that are willing to put in that work as well.

The idea is great and the projects we have executed so far have been exhilarating learning experiences and a great way for us to bond together. But of course, we are always striving for the next level.

What can I do to improve participation within the group? What team-building exercises do you suggest?

Are there any books that you recommend for someone learning to engage in a group environment?

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Monthly Motivational Shit
Monthly Motivational Shit
Feb 19, 2020

Carmen! The book you recommended feels right. I had a chance to look it up online and I'll be stopping by Books-a-million today. Thank you for your recommendation and your time. :) I look forward to growing with you as well!


Carmen Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez
Feb 18, 2020

I recommend you and everyone in your team read the. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. It is a really great book for recognizing your groups weaknesses and how to fix them.

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