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One Woman, All Women Show.


Life is pretty great. I have been thanking my Spirit Guides daily. Blessings are flowing mixed in layers of the challenges that Life offers keeping us sharp, aware, and alive.

It is a challenge for me to not stress over the little things. Fortunately, 2020 was a good training year and a good reminder that I am strong, resilient, and a beacon of Light, Love, and Fire. My current exhibit at New Deal Cafe was recently featured in Greenbelt's local newspaper.

When the paper was first forwarded to me, I felt happy. Over time, as the reality really sank in I felt more and more humbled. I have certainly read it multiple times and the more I read it the more grounded I become. As stated in the introduction video of this post, the conversations that bloom from the eyes that meet my art is what has me hooked. The connection that sparks and the strings that forever remain attach afterwards are priceless. The secrets that are shared with me, the buried memories that rise again, and the sparks that are re-lit when complete strangers connect with my art are everything to me.

I've had secrets, I have buried memories in the past, and I have allowed my light to dim throughout my journey... and to that I say, "Fuck that, NO MORE!".

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