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D&D Campaign 1: The Destiny of A'Lien

Session 1: The Beginnings

"In these dark desperate times for isolated creatives and hard working professionals, the nearly imperceptible silver lining is where we have an opportunity to begin weaving the threads of community, peace and love through the magic of storytelling, music and art." - Dungeon Master V.

Welcome to Elia, a magical planet filled with a multitude of varieties of humanoid, beastial, fae and other sentient beings created by powerful entities known as The Architects. Though much of the world has been discovered, many strange mysteries, dark enemies of past and long lost lore still wait to be unearthed as the creatures of the world move about their ever changing whims and follies. Elia is dominated by numerous kingdoms and territories of many living inhabitants each enduring what the world has to offer.

A full century has passed since the great calamity has ravaged the landscape, where flame tore through the countryside, killing all in it’s uncontrollable path. Mighty Kings fell to their knees as cityscapes were decimated and ravaged by disease and dispar. Babes were ripped from their mothers breast, needlessly sacrificed to deities of murder and rage. Darkness began to spread rapidly across continents and oceans.

During this time, Ailzir Fallshadow rallied the world's elders and leaders to combat the threat. His courage, strength of will and diplomacy played a major part in keeping Elia from spinning into an age of darkness. Once the war came to fruition, the people had named Ailzir a true born leader and protector.

Within the diverse continents and islands of Elia, lies the fairly small country of A’Lien, a land comprising 4 kingdoms under the rule and protection of the Emperor Ailzir Fallshadow, a centaur presently encroaching the age of 147, well traveled and well versed in the corners of the realms.

The world is in its 4020th year, and the realm is filled with lush forests that hold ancient secrets and magics, wide vibrant ever swaying grassy plains, treacherous towering mountains with mighty stone fortresses embedded into the precarious rocky sides. Deep winding maze-like tunnels are peppered with hidden caverns of the underdark and riddled with long forgotten entities and formidable relics. There are vast endless powerful oceans with ever changing blues as dark as the midnight sky and as vibrant as sunshine after the raging storm. Scattered throughout the regions are portals to other worldly realms and planes of existence.

Our story begins, set on the Southwest side of the Mountains of Vondal, the modest town of Hazelview is home to a variety of species and is governed by a small council of three and led by the Baronet Jessen Davrek, a noble tasked with maintaining peace and collecting taxes from the citizens for the kingdom.

In this humble town of Hazelview, a group of unexpected travelers find themselves coming together under unscrupulous means.

Music: Dungeons & Dragons, Vol 1: Fantasy Villages and Travel Music

The Witcher 3:

Wild Hunt Album • Marcin Przybyłowicz & Mikolai Stroinski & Mikolai Stroinski • 2015


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