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Saggi New Moon-Solar Eclipse- 12.14-The Future is Bright! Believe it to See it!

Welcome to the beginning of the beginning of a new, whole, ERA. The Solar Eclipse multiplies the already powerful New Moon in Sadge bringing a whole LOT of changes, and unexpected ones as any good Saggi energy would. It comes a week before the winter solstice when Saturn and Jupiter have their "Great Conjunction" or as it seems to resemble, the "Star of Bethlehem" for it's extremely rare (like 400 yrs rare) aspect which of course is totally setting a new tone welcome in the Age of Aquarius, the infamous one where everything is supposed to be perfect. Of course, it doesn't quite work out that way, humxnity is in constant evolution and we are approaching the most intense one that our species has seen thus far and especially, our living generations alone.

But back to the present!! In a few hours, at 11:16am EST (16:16 UTC) we'll experience this New Moon eclipsing the sun way over our puny heads and stirring the shizzle out of our pots. With the Sun in Sadge (+-Nov. 22-Dec. 21) and now the. NM in Sadge we're getting double the Sagittarius trouble which will ultimately be a test of faith.

Sadge, is symbolized by a centaur aiming to the sky with a bow & arrow which represents being connected to the animal world and aiming to the highest of goals. It is the sign of faith, spirituality, religion & higher learning making for extremely curious, intellectual, expansive, perceptive, fast forward-moving energy. It is innately connected to Source, or Godd, or insert entity name here __, therefore providing us with the ability to "go with the flow". If this is hard for you, it's sort of inevitable now which is where the faith kicks in. But don't worry, optimism is around the corner! Just, you know, be optimistic! I mean literally think that the outcome shall be positive bc well, Godd has a bigger plan!! One of the most famous traits of Sadge, is being the "eternal optimist". Others include, being honest to a fault, loving a good party, extremely social, being impatient & impulsive, adventurous & lover of travelling physically or in any other realm! (mentally, emotionally, spiritually.)

Sadge is known to fight for justice and truth and can come to be self-righteous if imbalanced, an energy we're currently being challenged to look at. What beliefs on your radar need to be shaken up? What doesn't feel true anymore? Applying the Sadge, open-mindedness and ability to see into the future, will you allow yourself to take those bold steps to making things right according to your new values? Use the Saggi fire light up the hope that you indeed can and fan that flame!! It's up to us to use that fire to keep our passions nice and warm to make sure we're seeing past first impressions, which are, unfortunately, too often, pessimistic as heck!!

When it comes to intentions, think of what values you want to see flourish in your paradigm and what they can come to manifest around you. One that I would recommend would be to commit to a practice of spirituality. Take it from me who is none other but a Sadge! (My Sun and a few planets are in Sagittarius). Take into consideration the Saggi energy of perceptiveness, forward movement , teaching and being of service, (self) leadership, wisdom (only comes after hardships!), luck + fortune (thank you, Jupiter!!), connecting w/the inner child (innocent souls!), and having a good sense of humor (get silly widdit). These are also all related to each other in that they are all in direct relationship with Spirit (what I like to call that entity that connects us all from time to time) because Saggi looks at the bigger picture. Its phrase is "I see", which says it relates humxn situations with the circumstances of society as a whole and recognizes the patterns that led to that situation between one's intentions and actions taken, plus that mysterious factor of "luck" or "positive coincidence". Through a practice of spirituality, Saggi recognizes the power behind setting positive intentions behind positive actions which is why it can be consistently showered with blessings of abundance, healing, growth and self-actualization so, will you allow yourself to lean towards that so-called "abundance mentality"? I call it, being in a reciprocal relationship to the ethers for the greater good! <3 #ThankyouSpiritGuides!!

Jupiter being the biggest planet of the zodiac, directs that expansive energy with that of spirituality causing us to seek a deeper meaning for our life and examine the purpose with which, if we allow ourselves to believe in the vastness of the universe, we can fulfill our potential to its greatest capacity, therefore allowing ourselves to dream BIG, work hard and with honesty & virtue, ALONGSIDE the Universe and thus ACHIEVE BIG!! Some solid intentions you could set surround the Saggi energy of being bold, independent, unique, different, LOUD and unapologetically connected with the cosmos, therefore allowing yourself to express the exhuberance of life that we so often contain tightly within us, and enthusiastically!! Laugh at yourself! Dance silly, dance sexy! Get curious and stay positive!! Have fun in the process of not knowing where you're going because there really is a plan for it all, and sticking with that knowledge, you'll come to see that the light at the end of the tunnel was leading you to a pot of gold (abundance) at the end of a rainbow all along!! The thing is, we humxns often think we know what we need, but Source has bigger plans!! The biggest!! And sometimes that means taking losses, but only because something grander awaits!! Oh, and how excited and HAPPY you will be!!! Life is hard, but humxns are resilient, so the harder it gets, the stronger we become and that is a positive thing worth celebrating, so please PLEASE do!!!!! This Saggi couldn't stress that enough!!!

Love to All!! And Happy Holidays <3

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