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Do what you gotta do.

Titled: "Reminders" by GabyNobody. Find it on YouTube here.

Video is free to download.

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Much Love.

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As stated in the video above, this here is a pit stop for you to take a deep breath before you continue on in your journey. I go out of my way to make these short and to the point.

While most of us are at war with ourselves, people in power continue to do what they can to remain in that position. A lot of us are sick of this shit, have chosen our side, and stand strong for what we believe in.

If you are here in my page, I believe that you also fight for the power of Love, for equality, and basic things such as water. I believe you are here because you also understand that we must know how to Love ourselves in order to truly ripple Love onto the world. I believe that you are here because you know in your heart that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

I thank you for refilling here.

Never quit, keep on pushing, and trust that your Light makes a hell of a difference.

PS. one of the things that have been driving me crazy this week is the fact that we are still arguing the concept of abortion like it's our fucking business what someone else does regarding their own life. If you don't believe in abortion, then don't have a damn abortion but why waste so much energy on trying to dictate how someone else lives theirs? People that fight for the life of a fetus disregarding the needs of the person carrying it are so contradictory cause most of the times they are fucking assholes to their own living kids.

One of our favorite writers here on the BeYouForYou Network, Carmen Hernandez, urged us a year ago to stay educated, up to date, and aware of the laws regarding this very thing state to state.

So again, what the fuck do you believe in and what are you going to do about it?


This video was made as a reminder for me and for you that it's fine to feel yourself. Celebrate your beauty, your growth, and your whole fucking existence.


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