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#SumItUpSunday: June 21st, 2020

I once read that Life is a balance between what we can control and that which we cannot control. Through experience I have learned that the discipline of maintaining balance is another everflowing and infinite challenge presented to you through various daily instances. This is something that I still struggle with greatly and as I challenge myself to evolve, I challenge you as well. I challenge us, as a collective, to live right in between Effort and Surrender; Walk right in between taking accountability for your decisions and enjoying the surprises that Life hands us. Keep in mind that Extremes are hella easy, I challenge us to strive for balance. Please understand that though my videos, content, and art are intended to shine some light where things feel dark: It is a personal daily decision. Darkness is everywhere and works really hard to grow, but you are Light & and baby you can shine bright.

REMINDER: There are two ways to share light: To be the flame to the candle or the mirror that reflects it.



In the midst of your chaos it is very important to focus on your balance and maintain your beautiful existence as grounded as possible. Something that I have personally struggled with is- acknowledging what is completely out of my control, embracing my power in what I can control, and taking action one step at a time. Let's face it, shit is wild and the energetic frequency that is rippling through can be overwhelming for some which in turn echoes into our space which we must receive, acknowledge, and then redirect back onto the world.

My trauma has come up for me a lot lately. Maybe it's the extra time I now have on my hands. Maybe it's the fact that it feels like Life has been nothing but negative shit with no breaks to take a breath in between each pile of bullshit. It's fucked up but the fact that I have that trauma grounds me a bit because it reminds me that really messed up things have been happening way before 2020. Seeing where I am today, Spiritually, also gives me much Hope for tomorrow. I am not floating on a Cloud made of pure bliss (because you know: Pandemic, Murderers with Badges, Murderers, Rapers, Kidnappers, and all that is known in the world) but I am also not drowning with unhealed and open wounds in a crashing sea under an empty sky. Balance.

It is important to heal within. Within healing within, it is important to not shut your eye to the chaos that is going on outside of you. Ignorance and looking the other way is what has been accepted to this day. As we fight, march, protest, and let it be known that many injustices will no longer be tolerated-- it is important that you say no to injustices you have been committing against yourself your whole life. Stand up for Self-Love. Stand up for complete transparency. Stand up for who the fuck you are and your purpose to share that Light.

We can't change the world in one night, but we can make changes one decision at a time. Below is a list of some petitions you can participate in . Do all, do some, do something. <3

  1. Okay, so this link the list of Petitions for all #BlackLivesMatter supporters. The list on this link is extensive and very informative. This is a good link to keep bookmarked to have available to share with Friends and Strangers.

  2. This link leads you to a petition that makes you think and reflect on "smaller" pictures. There are a lot of things going on out here in these streets but there are also a lot of things going on inside of homes we will never step into. This petition leads towards the idea that when a Parent is charged Guilty for Child Abuse, then that person must release all rights to that Child. Rights to be awarded back can be negotiated based on results.

  3. The National Bail Fund Network is made up of over sixty community bail and bond funds across the country. They regularly update this listing of community bail funds that are freeing people by paying bail/bond and are also fighting to abolish the money bail system and pretrial detention.

  4. Throughout your life, you've heard a lot of really sick stories circulating such as parents hurting their own flesh and blood. Parents letting their children die of malnutrition as they sit on their own shit and worse! The story that seems to be the freshest in my generation is a movie: the most recent Joker. It is a movie that reflected on the lack of attention on a child that was abused and neglected by his own Mother. In this movie, the kid was found chained up to a radiator, starving, with various signs of physical abuse including a head trauma that led to a lifetime of effects. That movie gets me every single time... because it makes me reflect on all the real situations I have came across of Children being "stuck" with very toxic people who happen to be their parents. Check out this petition to bring some sense into this world.

To find more ways to make a change visit:

We can't change the world in one night, but we can make changes one decision at a time.


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Thank you guys for stopping by! May this coming week's challenges inspire to be stronger and kinder than ever. May this week be filled with Love, Patience, and Evolution.

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