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#SumItUpSunday: July 19th, 2020

Life is a combination of worlds and realities crashing, layers intertwined, fusing and reacting constantly. Each and every single one of us have a story to tell and a mark to leave behind. We all have our fears and our reasons for it.

In short, you are not alone. It’s easy for us to assume that the next person doesn’t know pain like we do. But I promise you that life feels more like life when you get your head out of your ass, accept what you cannot change, and take responsibility for what change you can impact in this world.

With everything going on, it is only natural for each of us to feel a sense of responsibility. Twenty-Twenty has been challenging, eye opening, draining, and if you choose to face it- it can be quite liberating as well.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to reflect more than I would of ever dreamed to. I've had the time to cultivate my own garden in my rented back yard. This time has led to so many panic attacks and moments that I have found myself rocking in silence. It happens and it is important to speak on those moments. We are all coping with a mixture of news, energies, and releases; it's important to process it authentically. That experience in itself has been a whole adventure on its own. When people speak about gardening, the essence of life and reward is often the highlight. Let me keep it real with you, gardening is hard as fuck. The constant battle of harvesting life, and fighting life to help Life thrive is quite exhausting! Bunnies, crows, blue jays, squirrels, bugs, and insects all have to eat as well. But even if it has been a nightmare from time to time, I absolutely love the warmth in my soul from picking my own tomatoes or witnessing the first corn become a freaking corn!

Sometimes it is really easy to only focus on all the negativity in the world. I have learned that you feel "hurt" a lot heavier than "joy" simply because being hurt hurts. Everything that I have presented to you guys through my website has been raw, my best, and from the bottom of my heart. I have spoken on those days that it was harder than most. I think it is important to be open and vulnerable about the fact that we all have our good days and our bad days. The content shared through this platform is typically focused around the reality that shit happens in life and a constant reminder that you are a beast and you got this! It is a reminder that being selfish is selfless because you cannot give from an empty cup. You cannot share happiness if you don't know happiness.

Sometimes you have to reassess and sometimes you just have to rest. I am so proud of myself and the work that I have done. I am proud of the choices I have made and the energy I have shared. I will be taking a break next week. In previous posts, I have shared that I have assessed my worth based on my work and how much more I can get done. I push myself to extremes because well, Life is short and I want to make the best of it. This is a small step that I am taking, a challenge to allow myself to relax. Because I value you, and I value my commitment to myself to remain consistent with my work- I am planning for my break accordingly. I want to enjoy and exist in the moment as much as I can and I also want to keep my word and respect my schedule. I am my own boss and I would love to have a healthy employee-employer relationship. Lately, I have been more stressed about my daily content than excited about it. The ultimate thing that has been getting in my way is TECHNOLOGY. Who would have thought? I create my content, I write up all the credits, and have everything scheduled to be posted at a specific time. I have been told that a lot of people are struggling with internet connection and it is getting to the point that it is really fucking with my mental state. I have struggled and screamed at a screen for weeks about this and enough is enough.

I am not fighting through it and I am not stressing about it either. What will I do? I will do exactly what I intend to inspire you to do constantly- through all of my work, content, and interactions-, I will be me for me, create, and see you guys after my week break.

Regardless of The BeYouForYou Network taking a break next week, I challenge you to keep in mind that what we are experiencing is A MOVEMENT NOT A MOMENT! Continue to do what you can when you can, stay safe, and take care of yourself!


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