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#SumItUpSunday: August 2, 2020

This past week the BeYouForYou Network took a break to just be and these are the reminders and lessons that came knocking at my door.

  1. #Boundaries. There is nothing more important to me than the opportunity to clarify boundaries and having those same boundaries respected. If those boundaries are crossed, it is a blatant disrespect, is it not? I tend to have very little tolerance for people that do not honor boundaries, and why should I? Life lessons will teach you that patience is vital and I respect the virtue of it. I will be patient but I will not tolerate bullshit and neither should you. This goes for the same boundaries that YOU establish for YOURSELF. This coming week, I will establish my own boundaries regarding the BeYouForYou Network & my videos to be published will focus on Boundaries; its importance, various understandings, and how the boundaries you establish is a reflection of you.

  2. #Balance. This is something that I have discussed through this platform several times, and guess what? This will be a repeating subject! Balance is an on-going and infinite discipline that we must consciously practice. The "successful" people that I have had the pleasure of connecting with ALL TELL ME THE SAME THING: balance is a bitch. It's kind of like a never-ending bike ride and by that I simply mean that if you stop trying, you will fall. It comes down to balancing what you will hold on to and what you are to let go of.

  3. #BeYouForYou! Sometimes I feel like I am having an identity crisis. I collapse into panic attacks in moments the "Fired Up Fighter" feels it justified to go into Warrior Mode when the elevated version of me wants to be Peaceful and shit. Excuse my language, I am having an identity crisis as I type this. Anyways, I have recently been reminded that its important for me to embrace me NOW as I slowly become who I am meant to be- it is ALL me just as YOU are YOU flaws and all. I am passionate, loving, and kind. Sometimes I hold my own passion against myself and to that I say no more. I hope to only lead by example as I inspire you to BE YOU FOR YOU as I am me for me.

Essence Captured by: Luis Nathaniel

"Be true to your convictions, and do not settle. You may take some detours and encounter some roadblocks along the way, but never give up on the pursuit of excellence—however you may define that for yourself.” ― Elaine Welteroth


Baby, here are some highlights!

As stated in the previous #SumItUpSunday article, "though I am taking my break, you are meant to be your awesome, caring, loving self for you!"

Here are some highlights from the last week of July 2020 through the BeYouForYou Network.


This woman right here is a new member of the BeYouForYou Network. We have never met in person (yet). We have connected through Instagram but I will state this: I feel a stronger bond with her than I do with some people I have known physically for years.

It's so funny how life works out sometimes but please just don't deny it. The most random connections can become one of the most beautiful things.

I am a strong believer of the idea that people come and go all while raining blessings on your path or providing a specific lesson.

@Luvs.Guru is a beautiful being that shares her energy in the rawest light through her original creations, her heart-felt poetry, and unapologetic existence. Please check her out and respect her grind! Take your time to read her poetry shared through her visuals and captions. Listen, my visuals are FIRE now because I have been doing it for a couple of years now and I have been able to get more creative along the way. It is carved into the core of my heart that @Luvs.Guru is here to break some of your necks as you try to pass her by but then you realize that she is something you crave in your life. Her visuals, WITHOUT EDITING, are so authentic, eye catching, and honestly leaves me to talk about it throughout my whole week off >_<. Check her out as she runs through fields of sunflowers, dances under the kissing rays of the sun, and as she builds her own path to success. She will be our first #Wildcard for BeYouForYou's new #WildcardWednesday campaign. Click HERE to register and learn more about it.

Christian Gregori<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The BeYouForYou Network is so honored to have such a dedicated artist to his craft. Christian Gregori, @LifeYieldsFood aka Mr.GamenCook has not only been blessing the world with his passion for food for over a decade now but he has also been treating us to weekly #TastyTuesday visual teasers. Doing what I do is not a brisk walk in the park! Work is work regardless and as an entrepreneur it's important to embrace that success is rented and baby, rent is due everyday.

Christian Gregori has recently reached a new level of HUNGER for success and here, at the BeYouForYou Network, we want to shout it out to the skies!

The BeYouForYou Network has many genuine intentions to uplift people and among them is to normalize celebrating wins (even if it is not YOUR win). I, GabyNobody, have had the pleasure to witness Mr. Gregori's falls and rises: each metamorphosis stage more liberating than before.

Outside of #TastyTuesdays via the BeYouForYou Network, Chris has been brewing other things in the backgrounds.

Here are some of his other projects:

> Mr.GamenCook's Creamy Garlic Orzo ||> BO3 Zombie's 1||> BO3 Zombie's 2.

There will be a new exciting project that Chris Gregori will be announcing this week. All I can say at this point is that it includes Bomb Ass Fried Chicken dinner and personalized apple pies. Make sure you subscribe to his business page to stay updated to some food made with the most important ingredient there is: LOVE. Click HERE to subscribe to his channel.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Carmen Hernandez

If you didn't know, now you know: Carmen Hernandez, aka Wile E. Yomeri, is a fantastic writer!

Outside of being an exemplary woman, a genuine friend, and a hilarious ball of slick come-backs- she is a hell of a writer (and the best writer of the BeYouForYou Network).

She stands for collective change for all and I could not be prouder of her!

Here is an excerpt from her most recent article regarding Hart Island and Riker's Island. Click HERE to read full article or click on the image below.

"Without our collective action to end social norms that further marginalize people like you and me, we will continue to see stories of tragedies that happen to those that we have forgotten."- Carmen Hernandez


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This website focuses on depicting the journey of healing for survivors by providing a platform to create, connect, and evolve as individuals and as a collective.

The daily motivational videos are intended to highlight the Good, the Bad, and everything in between in our discipline to Give Love, Receive Love, and Be Love.

Be a friend, share with a friend.


Thank you guys for stopping by! May this coming week's challenges inspire to be stronger and kinder than ever. May this week be filled with Love, Patience, and Evolution.

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Give Love. Receive Love. Be Love.

Create. Connect. Evolve

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