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LA VIDA REVUELTA. (in English)

#SumItUpSunday: Oct. 4th, 2020

I am 1,000% tempted to start this article with straight bleep words, in other words: just foul language. It doesn't come from any other space in my heart other than joy and excitement.

To be honest, it's something that I struggle with. I don't know. I am a passionate person and curse words provide a space of passion in my language.

I am bound to drop the F-bomb at some point throughout this article, but I promise I will not do it during its introduction. Let's get to it.

Hope all is well with you and that your week was rewarding. If you are living under a rock, then you would have no access to this article therefore I find it easy to assume that you know things are wild out here. People are fighting different forces for their own reasons and as a collective, we continue to go back and forth between Love and Hate. As it has been mentioned before, EXTREMES is an easy route that anyone can dive into. The challenge that I, GabyNobody, would love to push you to rise up to is taking a stand in a balanced core. Easier said than done. Trust me, I am well aware of the challenges.

The best that I can offer is what works for me and that is to:

  1. Take it one day at a time, one decision at a time.

  2. Be kind to yourself (when you succeed & when you "fail") and take in the same advice that you offer to others.

  3. Use your skills and talents to Give Love, Receive Love, and Be Love in this world.

  4. Always find someone that you trust, and allow yourself to speak your inner thoughts out loud. Speaking them out loud does something powerful! Most of the time it helps you realize how silly you are being. Sometimes it helps organize your thoughts.


If having issues, view video HERE.

You can also watch the video via YouTube HERE.

Find the lyrics in English and in Spanish HERE.

To start a convo regarding a collab, click HERE.

The visual project above gives me chills, butterflies, and so much muse. Not only because I had the balls to put myself affront of a camera though a lot Fear and Self-Doubt rose to the occasion. The end result makes my heart skip beats and shit because this is what yielded from a group of artists that were in it just as much as I was. This visual project was only made possible through DMV artists (and one from Georgia). Listen, I had a vision and an idea. I cried when I saw the final result: never in my dreams did I imagine such a beautiful compilation of raw talent, and dedication. Be a friend, share with a friend! Let's work together to continue to spread the Power of Self-Love and the power of Love for others.

Check out the artists involved:

Executive Producer: Kyle C of Koncert King Productions, find him HERE.

Assisting Producer: Phvramones, find them HERE.

Sound Mixer: HappyMusic of Abnormal Prodigy Ent., contact him HERE.

Director: The BeYouForYou Network, check what we do HERE.

Co-Director: Christian Gregory, also YourFavoriteChef: see what's cooking HERE.

Lyricist, "Ruler of the Night", and co-screenwriter:

DaPhvroh of Phvramones. Check his latest project HERE.

Poet, "Sun Goddess", and co-screenwriter:

GabyNobody of BeYouForYou Network. Check out her updates HERE.


Tsai/ Thunderboi Tsai of BeYouForYou Network.

Check out his social media HERE.

Book him HERE.


Rachel of BeYouForYou Network.

Stay tuned to check out her work.

Plant Lover:

Kurtis/Sabhwa of The Lion's Den.

Check out his insights HERE.

Join The Lion's Den Family HERE.

It was such a beautiful thing to experience an original Poem birthed from a life tribulations evolve into something so unique, so beautiful, and so well-put together. I have always dreamed of working together with an artistic team and I have learned that the perfect team does not just fall from the sky. The people involved in this specific poem came into my life when it was meant to happen and I am forever grateful. This project involved childhood friendships and new ones as well. Thank you for taking your time to check this out.

May you continue with an open heart and a transparent lifestyle. May you grab a brush when you are inspired and may you dance when things get out of hand. May you look at yourself this week and exclaim every time, "This is MY fucking life and I will live it authentically and to the fullest!!!" May you share smiles, console sadness, and live through empathy.


Keep in mind your power and work with Carmen Hernandez as she continues to educate and make changes one decision at a time.


Thank you guys for stopping by! May this coming week's challenges inspire to be stronger and kinder than ever. May this week be filled with Love, Patience, and Evolution.

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To find the dopest person in the whole wide world look in the mirror.

Give Love. Receive Love. Be Love.

Create. Connect. Evolve

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