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The Minotaur & the Rosebed

Let me tell you the story about a young Minotaur that for 29 years, until it's Saturn Return, believed that all it was good for was to be contained in a dark and lonely labyrinth and kill and devour anybody who would cross its way.

Born from a beautiful, gracious white bull and a Queen, the Minotaur was birthed as a punishment to the Queen's King when he defied the Godds, his own ancestors and went against their orders.

And so they created... a monster. A demon. A nightmare.... The Minotaur itself became the embodiment of the speech that surrounded it.. Tragic, ugly, useless, dangerous, unlovable, unworthy. So as any young life would do, the Minotaur grew from the seeds sowed within it. Growing like moss, vines, and weeds, the young Minotaur bloomed in all its hellish glory. All the world knew, feared, and at the same time, admired the ferocious power of the Minotaur.

The young one knew no other truth than that of its destined loneliness, misery, and rage.

But come night time, all sounds would become still and the labyrinth seemed to come alive. They couldn't resist rolling around in the dead beds of weeds and if there was one thing they loved it was sleeping on the earth. "This is my single-most joy, and I have it all to myself..", said the Minotaur. And as its booming voice echoed across the walls, the young one kissed the ground and fell asleep with a smile.

In a dream, the Minotaur woke up to its same abode but enthralled with brightly, awakened flowers, and a symphony of crickets and frog sounds. With a kiss on the cheek, a sea angel said: "Oh bull, sweet bull, wake up! We have a message for you!"

The Minotaur who had never once interacted with another being other than in an attack of fury found itself in true curiosity when it did not want to attack anyone or anything. As the Minotaur arose, a hummingbird flew in and gave them a vision.

It was of them, laying on a bed of soft, wide, newly bloomed roses that seemed to kiss every vertebrate, calf and hoof. That's when they realized, "I, the Minotaur, am a lover.. NOT a fighter?" and in came flooding endless scenes of it massacring innocent people. It suddenly felt a remorse heavier than if the entire labyrinth had fallen onto it..

The more the Minotaur remembered the more it became angry with itself and the more angry it became the more the thirst for blood arose in them, and the more it arose, the more it.... realized... that's not me anymore... the more it learned to let go of the rage... the more it learned to stop fighting, starting with itself.

In that moment, the sea angel gave the Minotaur another little kiss and said: "There's more.." The Minotaur looked up and watched the hummingbird glowing in bright rainbow colors. It urged the Minotaur to follow them. It led them up the same stairs that the Minotaur had long given up on ever using, and as it reached the top it realized, it led to a rose garden! Fields of beds of roses and not a single soul in sight! The Minotaur knew just what to do and threw itself into the bed of roses. The roses cradled the Minotaur perfectly as if they had bloomed just for it.

The Minotaur inhaled loud and big through their bull-like nostrils and fell right to sleep as if it were put under a spell. The Minotaur learned finally what they were meant to do, and that was to feel good. And now you know the story as well. But I know what you're thinking, Shh! It won't be necessary to tell the Minotaur that the roses were grown to cover up the bones of its victims. That will be another journey for the next time the young Minotaur AWAKENS!!! --------------------------------------------------------- Written out of stream of thought!! [Please nobody steal my work!?-Thanks!] HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERY"BODY" and HAPPY FULL MOON IN TAURUS!!!!

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