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This April.

April: A fiery season, the month dedicated to Poetry, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the second month of Spring, and so many more things!

This April on the year 2020, a large part of the population has been quarantined as we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As human nature goes, there is a mixture and variations of opinions and passionate minds fighting to alter the opinions of others.

As protesters assemble, debates get heated, and local ordinances are modified daily- I plant seeds and cater to their needs. The most fascinating aspect ( to me) regarding all of this, is that regardless of the tribulations that humans are facing and the panic we are creating around an economy we made up- the flowers are blooming and the crops are rooting deeper. In fact, nature is flourishing and returning to itself stronger than ever now that humans are out of the way. And of course, there is still a percentage of our human race that is certain that their understanding of this reality is absolute and above all where they feel justified to roll dice in these times when we ALL FACE something unknown. Fortunately for me, I have been okay with knowing that I don't know much of the overall grasp of what is to be known with settles me today on focusing on the things that I can control while I keep

grounded to influence all that I cannot.

Anyways, this April the 20|20 CREW shined in so many different ways.

@Shiva.Sway's poetry:

@Wildflower_Sweets "Still I Rise" reading:

@Gaby.Nobody's letter to self:

@DMCixteen's whole project:

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with our journey! May your walk lead you to your highest and most authentic self.

Create. Connect. Evolve.

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