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Sept. 2022: Baby, just trust that flow! Trust the Process! See the signs & trust yourself.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Sept. '22-Dec. '22 The Comus Inn Art Exhibit

Photographed: New Art Installation at The Comus Inn.

Current Featured Artist: Kianna Nobles

Exhibition Dates: Sept. '22-Dec. '22.

Artist Liaison of The Comus Inn: GabyNobody, Head Honcho of The BeYouForYou Network


Baby, just trust that flow! Trust the Process! See the signs & trust yourself.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022: I was wrongfully terminated from a 9-5 that I put way too much energy into. It was hard to not take it personal at first, especially when I believed my livelihood was at stake. How silly of me! We are now in September 2022, and the blessings that have found their way to me have left me powerful, unstoppable, and quite brave!

Life taught me long ago that she loves surprising me with challenges, setbacks, and cliffs to overcome. Fighting is in my nature as it was in my abuela's blood. Abuelita is the one that gently reminds me today to not fight what comes and to trust that all of her prayers for me and all of my dreams are already mine; I just have to trust in (God). Fortunately, after decades of fighting and doubting, I have finally learned to trust... to trust the God in me, to trust my Spirit Court, to trust in me, to trust my ancestors that live through me, and to trust in the Light that shines through me.

Check out where my trust has led me.


Art @ The Comus Inn

Doug, the owner of The Comus Inn, has entrusted me and the mission of The BeYouForYou Network to connect the dots between his breathtaking venue and the local artist community.

This is an opportunity that I take with my whole heart. I had the opportunity to debut the "Art @ The Comus Inn" department with my art and my fire from May 2022-August 2022. During this time, a lot of planning and ironing out the details went into play as I took on the role of the artist liaison of The Comus Inn.

Through this role, I have every intention to offer so much! These plans include solo art show opportunities for artists, monthly creative meetups for artists to connect, network and vibe, as well as rotating community building experiences.

"The arts can enrich all of us in this nation as individuals. The arts can enrich all of our communities and the country. And the arts can connect us to each other like nothing else can". - Michelle Obama

Meet Kianna Nobles.

Kianna Nobles, Travel Photographer, The Comus Inn 2022

Kianna Nobles is the current featured artist at The Comus Inn. She is a World Travel Photographer capturing her adventures from various angles and sharing moments from 16 different countries (so far and aiming for more)! Come travel the world with us from one location.

Her new art installation at The Comus Inn took 8 hours from beginning to end. The installation team included me, Kianna, her partner Tim, and new blooming friendship, Bones: all creative beings in our own way.

Photographs taken by Kianna Nobles will be on display in The Comus Inn from

September 2022- December 2022. Make sure to come check it out!

Installment Team!

"When she's not photographing, you may find Kianna in a cafe, writing all sorts of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, romance, historic fiction, and non-fiction. You can check out her writing samples here! Kianna enjoys spending time with her husband and parents, whether it's shopping, hiking, or just enjoying a cup of tea together.

Kianna is a member of East Side Artist Gallery in Frederick, Maryland. She teaches classes and workshops there, ranging from smartphone photography to DSLR to portrait photography. You can see some of her prints hanging in the gallery Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm." FIND OUT MORE ABOUT KIANNA NOBLES HERE.


What is next for GabyNobody

& The BeYouForYou Network?

First, it's vital to remind myself to appreciate my now and allow myself to enjoy the benefits of my harvest. The fact that I, GabyNobody and The BeYouForYou Network, have partnered with The Comus Inn and have just installed the current art exhibit until the end of 2022 is a very big deal here and a step closer to my overall big goal. You'll see in this website's home page that the overall vision is to travel to non-profits around the world and provide impactful creative services and experiences.

Friday, September 30th, 2022

  • Good food. Good Music. Good Drink. Come vibe with us.

  • We need your aggressive community support to build a culture where artists create, connect, and evolve through their art and exchanges of it.

  • This Friday, Sept. 30th event is to raise funds for SYSMVMT's commission-free silent disco art gallery on Friday, Oct. 21st, 2022.

The CEO of SYSMVMT, Sharde Hoff, and I met almost a decade ago in a forgotten 9-5 when memories weren't something I cherished, and self-love remained a foreign language to me.

As blooming in life goes, our petals reconnected in the wind and our life purposes aligned.

Stay tuned and watch her big dreams unfold and become reality.

She dreams on connecting artists and elevating them to bigger platforms.

Friday, October 21st, 2022

  • "A unique art experience for the misfits, rule breakers, and innovators"

  • GabyNobody will be one of the two featured artists.

  • SAVE THE DATE! More information coming soon.

  • Purchase your ticket above to support this event.

The excitement that I feel for this event is beyond me. The time and energy that I am putting into this show is my everything. The experience I want to offer through my installation is one of a kind and I have every hope that it leaves an imprint in your soul to carry forward. My installation is being designed to remind you that Healing is complex and that Art saves Lives!

PS. More Captured Moments.

Saying "goodbye" to this exhibit was pretty hard. Planning my next steps made it easier. So grateful for the opportunity.

Here is a fractured time lapse of our 8hr art installation at The Comus Inn. It was a long day filled with hard work, laughter, vulnerability, and good vibes.

In Conclusion,

Things don't always go as planned. If you are brave enough to trust in a higher power, brave enough to trust and believe in yourself, and if you are brave enough to dream big and chase that vision.... then all the pieces will align, and everything will fall into place as it is meant to.

Love you and my sincerest gratitude.

Thank you & Be Love.

My name is GabyNobody (Elevated Thoughts Activist & a Creative); I am the Head Honcho of The BeYouForYou Network & the artist liaison for The Comus Inn. As a survivor, my art focuses on depicting the journey of Healing & returning to self.

Through my journey of Healing, this website came to life. A platform for myself and an inner circle of friends and survivors to Create, Connect, and Evolve (together and as individuals).

Through the development of this website, my openness to dream big, my wild imagination, and the fire within me that never dies... the art that I create has led me to connect 1:1 with resilient and inspiring individuals I could have never imagined and opportunities for me to evolve and unbecome that sometimes leave me speechless, in awe, and absolutely humbly grateful.

Text your address to (301) 549-2916 to receive your fun-sized GabyNobody print.


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