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Will always Rise.

Titled: "I will always rise!" by GabyNobody.

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Much Love.

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A letter for past me, a year ago.

Dear Gaby,

You don't know it yet and you won't believe me but this is the year you grow into your name: Gabriela. I love you and this year you will be tested beyond measure. You will question your beliefs and you will question what once saved you: the power of Love.

You will fall into a deep and dark pit of depression and you will struggle to find reasons to keep fighting. All the generational trauma you have worked so hard to overcome will boil back up and you will get so fucking tired of it all. You'll count all the reasons why there is no point to rise back up.

You will stay down for as long as you need to. Take your time and allow yourself to feel all the anger that arises. Feel all your disappointment, your sadness, feel it all.

Now, from I stand today I can only tell you that as much as it will hurt.... I am so excited for your upcoming metamorphosis. That lonely feeling that you can't shake will guide you towards your Spirit Court and those whom have always been with you since day one. The relationship that you manage to develop with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors becomes the foundation you always knew you were worthy of. The way you get to know yourself ignites you in a way that lifts you from the bed every day. The clarity that takes over after this bullshit year humbles you to your core. I love you and see you on the other side.

Be Love,



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