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“Every cell in my body is alive and beautiful.”

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The Universe has the most beautiful plan for you.

Welcome it and allow it to unfold.

In my opinion, Life can be good.

Life can also be pretty fucking shitty. Here is an example: March 22nd is an intense day for my family and I.

I am the oldest of my brothers and I love them deeply. To be frank, I haven't always been the best sister and today I do my best to be present, open, loving, and available for them.

Everyday I love them and March 22nd I celebrate my Brother Alex's Earthday and all his accomplishments. On that same day, we also mourn the day we all held each other tight as we buried our Brother Manny. May he rest in peace as we make the decision to Live in Peace and Rise in Peace in his honor.

It's a complex mixture of emotions. I feel sadness and happiness all on the same day. I want to be mad and scream at God with every right. At the same time, I want to kneel and thank God for the rest of my brother's well-being.

I think of all of us allow ourselves to mourn on that day while we also push ourselves to celebrate what we have. We cherish the memories we shared, and we go out of our way to live just a little bigger to honor whom we have and whom we have lost.

I think that's Life in a nutshell. In Life, there are good things and there are sad things. There are good people and there are lost people. Through it all, there is always YOU and the choices you make for yourself. YOU are your own constant in Life & should you choose to Live through Love, that same Love will ripple into the world.

Honor your feelings. Feel your feelings. Mourn what is to be mourned and celebrate what is to be celebrated. There are so many parts of you that complete you. Feelings are a part of your whole experience. Live your Life to the fullest, lead by example, and embrace the blessings that come your way. Share your Light, that may just be the blessing someone is walking towards literally at this very moment.

Give Love, Receive Love, Be Love.

That is all.


Closing off Women's History Month with this collaboration.

I challenge you to celebrate Women in every single breath.

" The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights. " ​-Gloria Steinem

Produced by Happy Music Ft. Gaby Nobody & Abnormal Prodigy Entertainment.

Contact the BeYouForYou Network for a direct email containing

the downloadable MP3 for this project.

"I am not a vicious rapper, I just promote growth: I'm a writer, a painter, and a loving wife, A daughter, a sister, a fighter for her rights. " -GabyNobody

Thank you guys for stopping by! May this coming week's challenges inspire to be stronger and kinder than ever. May this week be filled with Love, Patience, and Evolution.

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