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Full Moon in Aries 10.01.20- You are the best Warrior for your battles

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Welcome in the Full Moon in none other than Aries, tonight 10.01.2020 at 9:05pm!! An exciting time to grow your self-love and bring out your internal warrior! --------------------------------------------------------- This is the Full Moon we've all been subconsciously waiting for. Gaining the sharp clarity needed to know what about our lives needs weeding out and closing out a very VERY prolonged cycle of clearing. We've BEEN tired of the trauma and hopefully you can see what areas in your like are getting closer to the cleansing that's taking place in the cosmos. If you aren't, please take it from me, ask for signs, or better yet, look for them! Sometimes they come in the form of another persxn simply speaking to you. So, ask yourself, are you listening to the messages and picking up the signs?

Again, there are a lot of aspects to the current planetary movements but I will speak more generally. Aries brings us the masculine, warrior, action energy and is ruled by the planet of Mars which is currently in retrograde and meanwhile the sun is in Libra, an equalizing, justice-seeking, user of discernment energy (as well as giving way to indecisiveness.)

----------------------------------------------------------- ~~Doing some Fall Cleaning!!~~

Thing are getting clearer as to what you need and don't need to move forward and there's an air of determination, virtue and integrity that are now being activated which is what we've been working on pretty much all year (and decades past.) But there's also a tendency to procrastinate so just be aware of that and do what you can to get yourself back on track!!

The warrior energy of Aries implies this: we are warriors for what we hold true and for what is THE truth as well even if it highlights our weaknesses. We are warriors in the face of any situation or entity that attempts to strip us from the value that we actually possess which only we can establish for ourselves because no one else knows what you're here to do more than yourself.

In life the only constant is change, and we've been REALLY learning to embrace that recently, but this is the time it really sinks in.. like, life really is just about going from battle to battle and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a conflict to deal with one after the other.

The multiple leveled playing fields in our society of privileged and less privileged creates a mindset of constant comparison which can only survive if we continue to externalize our value instead of respect and protect your power, that's right, YOU got POWER, within yourself. The only question is how do you handle what cards you've been dealt. What is your strategy? What skills have you polished that you can easily fall onto in challenging situations and what skills should you consider working on?

Virgo season taught us that we can change our habits when they don't suit us, well, now we have the clarity and will of integrity to defend our virtue, and that requires compassion! Because to know your virtue is to know what you have and what you don't have and being honest about it. After you learn how to embrace all areas of yourself, is when you, and only you, can decide where to go, and who to because you know what you deserve and what you're willing to accept.

------------------------------------------------------------- ~Finding that balance like Ying and Yang~

Aries energy can be prone to enhancing toxic masculine energy around us but the challenge for us now is to honor the divine or sacred or just the essence of the masculine energy, the Yang. The aggressive energy that wants to protect at all costs but the best way for us to do that is by honoring the femininity that comes with the Yang. Femininity and Masculinity are in constant communication although they hold very clear distinctions of energy.

During these recent times, I was really going through some shifts and luckily, I found some old notes from a former counselor of mine that helped establish a firm foundation for my self-worth and self-esteem. It was the first time I heard about "victim mentality" and it completely shifted my paradigm having had terrible self-esteem at 24 yrs of age. There is no way of achieving the abundance we deserve and contributing to the abundance of the world by living in constant victimization because there is a difference between society's standards of your worth and your own.

When you're able to surpass victim mentality, you learn to spend more time in balance between the yin and the yang energies of passivity and aggression and find your internal and external voice to communicate through the assertion of your BEING. Saying what needs to be said, doing what needs to be done, because it's merited and it's about DANG TIME we freed our energies from the grips of society. Peace, joy and abundance can only be achieved from having an equilibrium between your emotional, intellectual and physical health, wealth and synergy. So, basically, it starts and ends within ourselves.

----------------------------------------------------------- ~What you need in every Battle~

Learn to use your fear and gear it up with courage and confidence so that you know all you need to factor in when you meet a new obstacle. Pair with faith and adaptability because participating in the world in any format means you are inviting in lessons to be learned, so you MUST treat yourself as you would a willing and enthusiastic student waiting to fill their mind up with new ideas, which requires so much patience, compassion, lightheartedness, for someone to learn something that for you or others might seem "easy" or "basic", we all learn everything we know at some point and it's extremely important to be gentle with ourselves and others when teaching or learning.

Learn what the true meaning of Love is. Learn that it is both light and dark and that it is the foundation for peace and harmony. You will learn that it is compassion and gratitude for all things easy and difficult.

-------------------------------------------------------------- ~Happy Full Moon in Aries beautiful people~

There is no happily ever after. There will always be work to do. We will never stop changing. The sooner we realize that the sooner we'll get to learning to truly loving ourselves.

Please make time to respect the energy of the Full Moon tonight and try to tune into where it wants to lead you because believe it, it's taking you to a better place, and only YOU know what that place REALLY is.

Much Peace, Power, Love and Light for y'all the Ppll.

Aho-All my Relations-Chasnakachuk

Tarot Readings for Full Moon-All signs: 2.

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