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Carmen's Conscious Corner

Up until now, when people have logged onto this blog they’ve been greeted with a short message that mainly says I am afraid to put myself out there and be privy to judgement and scrutiny. A few years back I had some scary things happen to me that made me go inward and “fortify my fortress” like I said in the message on my blog.

I privatized everything – deactivated my Facebook, deleted my Twitter, made my IG private, screened all my followers and cleaned house of all the people who had real life and virtual access to me. I was definitely on self-preservation mode and now I practice caution when on social media - my IG is still private and only specific people get to be my friends on there.

However, last year I got on Tiktok and my account had a couple viral videos which increased my following beyond what I could ever imagine, and it scared me. I thought I was too available and visible to too many strangers on the internet so I shut that account down and deleted everything. After a couple months of being off it, I created a new TikTok account and I’m back to being a smaller creator with max 400 view on very few videos. I liked it that way, that was my comfort zone.


I am a writer though, and I want people to read my stuff. So, although my IG will remain private, I am now actively going to pursue linking this blog to my TikTok account and gaining followers who would be willing to read my writing. I am done hiding. I am done being scared. And I am done making myself small for fear of judgement or scrutiny. I told myself this year I would be brave, and this is me taking the first step towards being seen.

So, welcome to my page: Carmen’s Conscious Corner. I will be posting a new blog monthly and if you would like to be notified when I post, please subscribe and thank you for following me on this ride.

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