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Things that come out of my mouth after indulging in dope ass pot.

Titled: "Things that come out of my mouth after indulging in dope ass pot."

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It's crazy. May 2nd, 2021 I was attacked after being mentally abused for months. In the midst of that, I accepted a new normal in my life that involved me losing myself and hating myself one day at a time. Three months later after the attack, I find myself laughing at my own jokes again and feeling proud of how far I have come. There are those days that my heart beats faster, louder, and heavier than other days... and in those days I spend more time near my Spirit Guides and the altar I have been guided to build to honor our relationship.

Healing isn't something that is achieved one day, and then everything is tucked away or forgotten.

Healing is loving yourself through all the stages of grief towards the challenges in life.

Healing is allowing yourself to take a deep breath and processing whatever memories journey back into your thoughts.

Healing is forgiving yourself when life throws you new challenges and reminding yourself how capable you are of overcoming and shining through the power of love.

That is all.


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