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The present is here, live it.

Titled: "No Title" by GabyNobody.

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I was hoping to find the original published video in regards to the video above. No luck though, but I did run across this one. This is shared as a reminder to myself that I been about this shit, and I am all about this shit.



Pulling oneself out of depression almost feels very similar to the grieving process after losing a loved one. In a way, sometimes I feel myself grieving the old me... before I was harassed for weeks by this Oscar fellow I have spoken about in the past. I grieve the old me before I found myself begging for my life as this man laughed at my terror, and mocked my fear.

My grieving process involves me seeing my loved one in other people, strangers often. I saw my late younger brother's eyes in many people for months after his death. Now, sometimes I see my curiosity in strangers, sometimes I see my fire in my new co-worker's spirit throughout a shift.

It has not been a good feeling seeing it in others and feeling a void inside myself. I am not 100% again, though sometimes I feel like I skipped 100% and went straight into 1,000%. Those days are welcomed and appreciated. Slowly, most of my days involve small glimpses of me starting to recognize myself in the mirror. There are days that it's hard and there are days that I feel strong enough to tell myself out loud, "you are worthy".

It's easy to get lost in thoughts. It's beautiful to get lost in art.

"The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it."


Here is the original video:


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