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"I look forward to sunny days outside, and rainy days inside." | Motivational Ishhh & Free Events.

“April weather, rain and sunshine both together." -English Country Saying

Affirmations for April (my m*therfucking Birthday Month)

  • I am warm, adventurous, passionate, and spontaneous.

  • My life is a balance of work, play, rest, and joy.

  • With compassion, I allow myself the space and grace to grow and evolve.

  • I am bold, ambitious, direct, & dynamic!


Join Artist Talk with Share Your Soul.

Founded by Sharde Hoff, Share Your Soul is a creative agency designed to provide opportunities, advocacy, and the clear path to ownership, needed to establish the needed building blocks for making the DMV a nationally recognized hub for creatives.

Share Your Soul has been working extremely hard to represent independent artists and bring recognition to DMV for its undeniable dopeness. Join on April 9th for an artist talk among us about our passions and missions.

Intentional Spaces for Survivors |

Collaborations with Heartly House.




"Heartly House plays a vital role in strengthening the overall health and wellbeing of our community’s institutions and promoting the necessity of building a dedicated network unifying individuals, businesses, and organizations alike against power-based violence. When Heartly House thrives, Frederick County thrives."

The Motivational Ishh

Among all the love that I am blessed with today, anniversaries of pinnacle parts of my life sometimes still bring to surface chapters of mourning.

I have mourned dreams, beautiful human beings, parts of me, & versions of loved ones that would never be.

There are often times that I am terrified to risk such connections again.

There are times that feeling loved triggers this deep seeded sadness.

There are times I feel brave enough to love and be loved

& that bravery sparks a chain reaction

that leads to a hug

that leads to a long embrace

that leads to forehead kisses & simple wishes:

like, " Drive safe. Sleep well. & See you later."


May this month be filled with restful sleep.

May you continue to return home safely, you are loved.

May we connect when it organically aligns.


"Shining through tears, like April suns in showers, that labour to overcome the cloud that loads ’em." – Thomas Otway


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