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The Middle

What has always been very interesting, to me was, the journey; or the idea of one. The people you meet, and the experiences shared with them. We often look at our lives through the eyes of someone who is lacking. To the same credit, we may also view ourselves to high esteem and/or with fruition. This gives us the impression, we may be in control of our lives and our minds; a sort-of meta free-will, being extra cognitively aware of oneself and others.

A factor in decision making is based on a process of elimination system, using of what which you have already learned or experienced. Simultaneously, Risk & Reward is suggested to you by desire, experience, and curiosity; all three drove by a collective stimulus, the mind. I occasionally contemplate past events; and when I do, I spend hours living in perspectives.

What are the driving points behind our decision making? What makes us Gravitate towards purposeful endeavor, or not? What is potential & is it innate or honed over a lifetime?

Those are not questions I am addressing in this article, however; questions like this have always piqued interest to me (maybe it is a self-controlling gesture in a chaotic world,) and this has made me look at life from a broader scope...Occasionally.

Most times I am just simple.

I go to work, come home, kiss my wife, eat a meal, take a shower, rinse & repeat.

Then there are times I go deep into the rabbit hole of life, and end up here.

It brings me to thoughts of my own journey and contemplating others.

But most importantly, the reminder that I would not be where I am today if it were not for those influential people and experiences.

One of the earliest memories I have was drinking from a bottle that had juice, hiding it, receiving a different bottle with milk, and then proceed to drink both at the same time.

I would say that early exposure to a "fruit & cream" flavor profile affected me in a profound way.

For those who don't already know, my passion and subscription is culinary arts. It helped having dreams of food and a family who got together for holidays and cooked EVERYTHING. While we ate we caught up, joked, and talked about food.

I always loved being in the kitchen, it was a place of pride for me.

A place I would eventually be barred from after being caught with a pocket-full of olives, cheese, and sweets wrapped in a paper towel.

The gist is that my earliest experiences intrigued me to the world of food.

What kept me here are the people.

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