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A fucked up elegant mess. July 2022

Have you written a love poem to yourself or to your craft?

"Sometimes there are no words & when stillness demands movement

My soul becomes fluent in all the hues under the sun.

The art that I bring: a beautiful unspoken language that moves and illuminates the purpose of this life.

It is a fucked up elegant mess

& so is my mind

I find

That i connect with Divine

Through every shade of green

Through every apple, orange, & lime

Through every breath, and every scream,

Through every emotion that's mine

Breathe in, breathe out, leave it all behind.

As an artist, i find purpose in

every stroke, in every line.

I find that when I create, am most aligned.

Intertwined with my spirit guides & my ancestral line. "

-GabyNobody, July 2022

Life is too short to bullshit

& too splendid to miss it.

This is your reminder to really live your life. This is your reminder to take some deep breaths.

Make intentional decisions not just reactions to Life.

You can do and be whatever the fuck you want. People will have their own perspective of you based on their experiences & perception of life. What do think of yourself? Do you realize how miraculously tenacious and unstoppable you are? Can you see your generational history in your eyes? There's pain in history and there's so much strength in yours.

Dream big and push yourself to make decisions based on that dream. Strive for it, grind for it, and refuse to sell yourself short for it. You are worthy and it is attainable to you!


& featured BeYouForYou Network article for July 2022,

"The reality is that earth is full of multiple worlds that collide and merge and bypass each other daily. It’s easier to imagine it like a crowd of people with different bubbles hovering over their heads full of whatever may be running through their minds at the time; mental bubbles full of the inner works of each of those people’s different worlds and realities. And just like the bees have their hives, and the ants have their colonies, each of us have our communities that make up the bulk of our worlds as we perceive them. And how great would it be if we could acknowledge and respect each other’s realities even if we do not agree with them ourselves? "

Thank you,


Give Love. Receive Love.

& Be Love.

In conclusion, Love yourself and share that authentic Love with the world. My passion to create is my anchor. Sometimes it gets crazy and my anchor shifts through the waves but it always lands and it always holds. Find your passion, hone your WHY, & live your life.


GabyNobody is an Elevated Thoughts Activist & a Creative.

As a survivor, her art focuses on depicting the journey of Healing and returning to self.

Head Honcho of The BeYouForYou Network, the Artist Liaison of The Comus Inn, and more.

To request tour of Physical Art displayed at The Comus Inn text (301) 549-2916

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