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Identifying the end of this epidemic.

Hello there beautiful people! I hope all is well and that this week went by smoothly. It is evident that a lot of things are happening and we feel quite vulnerable.

I am a bit stumped at this time. Thank you kindly for stopping by here and sharing your time

and energy. Life is pretty crazy, isn't it? One week, we are going about our lives and the next

week everyone's reality is shaken. It is like a wave of energetic chaos came by and altered the world around us. Some have managed to ride the wave and enjoy the beauty of the celestial views above us. Some are kicking and screaming as they swallow the salty sea. There are those with a strength that is so tenacious, the ones diving in daily saving countless lives. Those same people have also tiredly pulled drowning bodies to air, to pronounce them dead. Not all can be saved. Yet, every day those with that strength continue while none of us have any idea when this pandemic will end.

If you are sitting down somewhere cozy reading this, you are blessed. Where are you? What are you doing?

Let's face it: this virus, its economic effect, social effect, and everything that has followed has changed us overall as individuals. How can we truly identify its "ending"? This is the beginning of a new wave of reality. It's has been thrown right in our faces that our actions echo its consequences outside of us. It is clear as a bright and sunny day that the energy of an interaction travels quick as fuck across the seas.

Personally, I witnessed a lot of different people freaking out for different reasons. Each of us, in each of our lives have different priorities and at the end of all our roads things come down to survival. Guys, I was laid off. This is something that has never happened to me. Throughout my journey of confronting my demons, I learned to strive for stability. My stability has been shaken to crumbles and yet, I feel okay. Obviously, what we are facing is so much bigger than what we have habitually and blindly been doing before this epidemic knocked on our doors. Maybe I am personally not freaking out as much because the most stable thing in my life is my vision of what I want to share with the world. It's not tangible yet it is attainable by everyone.

For years, I've promoted my art daily. I paint, build, sew, and indulge in the freedom that is poetry. Through everything that has been created by me, I love the love of it. I've created

some of my most powerful pieces in the darkest of my times because I loved the feeling of release gained from expression. I loved the love that came sparked from my creations which have led to many connections. That, is what I want to share daily. That is the reason why I create my own way at my own pace, admire the art birthed by others, and create corny ass daily motivational videos. That is why this website has been created in the first place. My husband and I both lost our jobs, and moving forward every decision I make I must keep in mind that my husband is vulnerable to this as he is high risk.

Shit is pretty fucked up. Again, these are scary times and we do not have to be scary people. At this point, we must do what we can when we can. It's vital to stay aware and also important to acknowledge how our actions ripple into the rest of the world. If I were to ever lose my husband, I have no idea how I would continue. He is my answer to my prayers, my protector, my partner, my best-friend, my everything. My actions affect his life. My decisions also echo into your reality and we all know our actions also echo across the seas. Educate yourself in what is going on and honor the fact that we are all in this together.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay aware. Stay creating and sharing Love.

Here is Quarantine: Week 2's Sunday's Summate.

Monday, March 23rd. #MottoMondays, 2min, 04sec.

Tuesday, March 24th. #TastyTuesdays, 1min, 52sec.

Wednesday, March 25th, #WildFlowerWednesdays, 1min, 32sec.

Thursday, March 26th, #ThankfulThursdays, 3min, 00sec.

Friday, March 27th, #FineArtFridays, 1min, 57sec.

Feel free to continue being a badass.

Give Love. Receive Love. Be Love. & deuces. <3

Be a friend. Share with a friend.

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