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Lotus, Love, and Truth!

Have you ever prayed for something? When those blessings came, how did you handle yourself?

This question has me “mind-boggled” lately. This last decade, I had the opportunity to dig deep, break walls, and end some generational cycles in my path. Unlearning things mimicked and blindly taught to me has been a hell of a journey. Rediscovering my inner Goddess and bringing her back to light has been a blessing.

Listen, I am accustomed to Sweat, Tears, and the Struggle. You can almost say I am most comfortable in those fields. When the walls around me are crumbling, my stance to stand tall and strong is a reflex. My blocks are amazing and my swift blows are quick as fuck. So what the hell do you do when you’ve struggled for so long and now the Universe showers you with Love, Wealth, and Opportunities regularly? Or should I say that now that I have cleared my vision and am able to see and acknowledge all the Love, Wealth, and Opportunities that Universe blesses us with, what do I do?

The universe has presented me with Spiritual Guides in various forms, shapes, and walks. We are going to refer to one of these Guides as Brownskinlady. She is fierce, compassionate, honest, and powerful. In my path, she currently serves as a messenger and as a Leader by Example. She comes into my life, drops a couple of Truth Bombs, and then gives me the space to work through it internally. I resonate most with her because we both acknowledge that Small Talk is useless, and that we are so much more than where we are today. Regardless, we trust and respect the process.

Anyways- recently this woman looked me in my eyes and asked me,   “Are you open to receiving?” She then went on and shared a dope ass story filled with contemplation and rewards from the universe. She spoke on her past struggles, her relationship with those struggles, and beliefs stemmed. Ultimately, the lessons that I learned from this session were:

1. Trust those messages.

2. Have Fun and treat yourself.

3. The Universe is overflowing with Wealth. It is attainable.

4. Focus on YOU and be aware of the messages YOU are sending out to the universe.

5. And really ask yourself, “Am I open to receiving?”

Am I open to receiving? I want to be. We all know well that it comes down to more than words.  Yesterday I thought I was open. Today, I got closer to actually being spiritually open to receiving this waterfall of divine light. With this question alone, the genuine spark in her eye, and her everyday example- Brownskinlady has guided me in more ways than the naked eye can see.

As mentioned earlier, Brownskinlady is a blessing in my life. She has been doing  energetic work through different levels of her life. Recently, her guides have guided her closer to her calling. Her first open  “Lotus Love & Truth Circle” was held in Berwyn, MD this Sat. March 14th. Let me tell you, it was everything it needed to be and it was just so perfect. It was obvious that it was just perfect for each individual present.

Nothing was extravagant.

Nothing was forced.

Everything just was, & so it was.

Different walks intercepted in that corner in this universe and everything worked out so smoothly.

Would I recommend her next circle to you? If you are here, Damn straight I do! Life has a funny way of just showering you with blessings. Trust it. Recieve it.

At the end of this article, I still have no clear, "cookie-cutter", answer to how to handle all these blessings you may be showered with.Currently, I would say, "Open your heart, Open your mind, and Trust the Journey!".

That is where I am. My journey has guided me to keep an eye out for Brownskinslady's next circle because it did provide a space for Peace, and a space for internalization. It also provided a space for Rawness and Vulnerability. Maybe this space is not a definite and clear answer, but it is a great way to get closer to your goals.

You can check out BrownSkinLady's journey here: Lotus, Love, & Truth!

Her next open Energy Circle will be shared here as well.

Go out there, kick ass, be the best you that you are capable of being!

Give Love. Receive Love. Be Love.

Be open to receiving !

The experiences and levels previously mentioned inspired the following video:

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