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"Shooting Stars" partial lyrics.

I'm sorry mother. The pain between us is like no other, and now we lost an unborn brother.

No. Don't even bother.

Just let me go smother

Myself in this bucket full of pain and regret.

Man Fuck this, Fuck this memory lane.

That is when I turned to that precious MaryJane, cause that's what I did: put away my fears

holding back my tears

no one ever hears.

Doesn't even matter though my world has been shattered.

Shattered apart. One bleeding heart.

That's been stabbed so deep.

Same rhyme; same beat.

Yes you see, evolve with me.

You don't get to choose your family, regardless of the history-

it's gona build you ruthlessly.

Learning that my momma was my momma really hurt.

We tend to build a pedestal for those that brought us Life. We say they stabbed our backs when they actually held no knives.

It's actually kind comfortable until we pay the price.

My momma really hurt me when she kicked me out the house.

She blamed me for treason cause her husband got aroused.

Didn't know how to deal so I smoked it by the ounce.

& my daddy taught me to shut down and bounce so,

"Dueces, I'm out!"

Leading by example they trained me to believe that rules are always broken:

History repeats.

Yes, history repeats.

Damn, history repeats.

Nah. This cycle ends with me.

Yes! This cycle ends with me.

This physical journey began in '92.

They shoulda known, they shoulda known.

But now I know, so now we know.

We represent revival, we represent rebirth.

Spiral disciples revisiting this earth.

I'm not a vicious rapper, I just promote growth.

I'm a writer, a painter, and a loving wife;

A daughter, a sister, a fighter for her rights.


Brah. Just face your fucking demons.

Acknowledge you that beacon of Light, Love, and Everflowing Energy.

Life is chemistry.

It's notes just falling into melodies.

It's Chaos & Love, fusing!

It's fucking MAGIC released through our sensories.

It's Joy & Casualties.

For centuries plus lifetimes, that constant masterpiece.

No todos estan listos pa' los trucos de mi lengua.

Y me vale, ya tu sabes que la vida no espera.

Brillo como estrellas,

Como ellas vivo muerta.

Mi ego fue matada, mi espiritu escala.

La vida es bella aunque si hay problemas:

Desastres tan lindos como las gran estrellas.

Estamos unidos en estos duros tiempos.

Despiertos, humildes, somos movimiento.

We are movement.

We are human;

Students of this universe fluent in

Love- a language so diverse.

Let us immerse our souls in a Love so pure,

that we all deserve.

Give Love.

Receive Love.

Be Love.

& Dueces baby.

"Shooting Stars"

GabyNobody & StrangeCreature

In the spirit of a new year and in the spirit of how life changing 2020 was, the first project of the year is a straight dive into all that ignited the BeYouForYou Network into existence.

Produced by Happy Music Ft. Gaby Nobody & Abnormal Prodigy Entertainment.

This project is a mixture of GabyNobody's first poem she performed 6 years ago and

Abnormal Prodigy's passion & skill. Together these artists have connected through vulnerability and present to you just that.

This project brings Light to trauma stemmed from Sexual Abuse (from 2 different perspectives), and finishes off with a reminder that We are all Powerful, We are all Love, and that #TogetherWeRise.

Find Happy Music Productions:

Download single and donate towards the official visual & overall mission HERE.

Thank you guys for stopping by! May this coming week's challenges inspire to be stronger and kinder than ever. May this week be filled with Love, Patience, and Evolution.

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