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Stay in your Lane, Clear up your Path, After Death comes New Life - MercRetro. Oct.14-Nov.3

God bless this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio energy. Because even if my computer decides to crash or my communication with others intensifies, the more I surrender my pride to each situation, the more I awaken to the me I’ve always dreamt of being. Mercury’s “backwards” movement is that of reflective communication. Reflecting your own communication back to you through your interactions with others thanks to being retrograde in our eldest sign, Scorpio, the representation of the acknowledgement of life and death, of dark and light, of femininity and masculinity, thus, the essence of our earthly plane here, planet earth.

In this time, remember to not confuse power with pride and ego for self-esteem, it limits the opportunities to hear our own thoughts integrating our beliefs with the guidance of others. Let’s not confuse immediate gratification for success, for humxns are not exempt to depending on the flow of nature that synergizes the ying and yang energies of femininity and masculinity. It’s no secret that life practically equals changes. I mean, it’s “life, right?” But I can’t also mistake death as a single event that speaks of a point with no return, because as those of us who have experienced a loved one’s transition into the spirit community can understand, such events have not only brought upon a time of reflection of that deceased’s contribution onto our lives, it has emphasized their symbolic contribution that could not have been expressed through their own words, but through… wherever this thing called intuition is said to live in us. This silent form of understanding that cannot for the life of anyone be put into words.

Their contribution can only be “brought to light” by an unknown-dark and mysterious force of energy that brings movement to a STOP and then restarts it. And as beings of movement, it’s impossible for us to truly know what that force is and therefore choose so easily to embrace it. Astrologers will tell you that the energy from the Scorpio constellation dives deep into the ultimate bottom of the ocean of humxn consciousness, where there is no light yet life still exists, that must be reached through swimming in from the light and departed from by swimming into it. You wanna know why I even make “Facebook posts” about this widely misunderstood thing called astrology? Because there is life that lives outside of our comprehension and through that lens, learning about the zodiac and my own birth chart has widened my horizon of introspection. And to learn is to open yourself up to the fact that you as a humxn and citizen of the earth can only access so much information at a time. Because in 100 years, in 2220, people will look back at us and say: "This year marks the 100th anniversary since the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic and man did that struggle make our lives a whole lot easier. "

To think about our current lives, with which we spend most of our time trying to somehow impress others, as the end all be all, is to lose sight of your greatest asset. Your humxnity. Your proneness to making mistakes and your ability to learn from them. To change. To move. To make choices and to choose to accept or deflect the consequences. I’m pretty sure you’ve been in the same boat as me and realized, it’s only gotten harder and harder and harder and harder and harder? To keep doing the comfortable thing and deflecting those consequences. Because underneath that “indifference” lives a constant state of worrying, and to worry truly is to waste your energy, believe that. Take it from this Scorpio (Moon in Scorpio) who loves and sees so much potential in you and now myself that I get real up in your face about it just to get you to do the same for yourself (like right now w/these obnoxiously long “posts”). And take it from this Scorpio as well, that the most important ingredient to that recipe for greatness, for great inner peace, great integrity, and great achievement is, has been and forever will be.. Patience. True, genuine, faith-led patience. And patience never comes without forgiveness. Not “compassion”.. forgiveness. We have to learn to forgive. And forgive. And have faith and have faith but no, not wait. Because waiting is worrying without acting. Having faith in the idea that there is life beyond what as a humxn, as a persxn, as a homo sapien sapien, who has endured the categorization and recategorization of a million regurgitated points of views means that there is something to life that is unknown, different, changing, TRANSFORMATIVE, and that “thing”, that *dynamic*, as forms of life, we call death because we can, because the dead become unable to call it that.

My message to you is to recognize that death exists beyond the physical plane. It exists in every chapter of our lives when we transform ourselves into something that we come to learn serves an even higher purpose for ourselves than what we have ever been before. A part of ourselves has to “die” in order for us to start living a new and renewed life that leads towards greater fulfilment. The process isn’t all that different from how we process that of the physical kind of transformation. There’s denial, resistance, disappointment, blaming, deflecting, pessimism, guilt, concern, heartbreak……………………………………………….

But with a little time…………time…………………time…………………time……….…………..

And a few other antonyms of the above mentioned words, acceptance, surrendering, understanding, forgiveness, acknowledgement and courage, optimism, humility, faith, resilience……………………………….

The moving entities within our psyche, our actions and services, our aspirations and strategies, can find their swiftness and flow much sooner than later. And why is swift timing even important? Because timing is our most valuable asset. Allowing our moving energies to flow can still mean finding ways to honor the inevitable milestone of death that makes us all equal that helps both the living and the soulely spirited.

Now, thinking of this in the context of the coming and going of schools of thought you subscribe to in your life, tell me it doesn’t get easier to take on a challenge that you’ve overcome and have only gotten better at overcoming the next time around. It does, so you seek out new ones, because whether you believe it or not, you love yourself, you love life, and you want to see more of the world and more of life and of what you know you deserve as a beautiful planet earth-child filled with gifts to share with the rest of the earth family. We’re getting swiftier, in moving back and forth between the light and the dark within ourselves and creating a harmonious channel of exchange when we surrender our pride.

Take this time to surrender to the power lying in the darkness and the faults being brought to light. It’s a complex practice to study yourself without judging yourself, without blaming others and having faith..and having faith.. AND HAVING FAITH, in your-self. Whoever you see yourself to be, YOU ARE, but “to be” is to be ever-changing. To be is to be growing. How bright or how murky depends on your eye for what’s true, just, virtuous and good for us all at the end of the day. As quick-moving humxns in a society based around immediate gratification, PATIENCE is key and patience seems to have become the highly anticipatory exam that we’ve been forced to cram for this entire year. But that key unlocks a doorway to living in the present time, and to using that time to bring more joy into yours and our lives. Because we friggin’ deserve itt!!!!

Happy October-Mercury Retrograde-2020!! (All in preparation for the age of aquarius establishing itself in late December. Yes, like the song!)

Peace and Happy Reflecting!!

Post Write Edit: Hi friends! Just want to say, please consider this energy to be influenced by the New Moon in Libra as well, thank you!

Astrologer/Tarot Readers on Mercury Retrograde + New Moon Libra:

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