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An American Experience Pt 7

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Dear Reader

Addiction is a difficult subject to discuss due to the negative connotations surrounding the topic. A solemn and sad form of existence.

Fear, helplessness & anger surround addiction causing a person to fall back into the darkness, well outside of the peripheral.

Within the swirling vortex of crippling addiction lies a desperation to clutch onto whatever those “demons“ are. Guilt, shame, powerlessness and a harrowing amount of anxiety looms.

Heart wrenching anguish and struggle continues as the hours of each day creep by. Some semblance of normalcy demands to be found but when faced with obstacle after obstacle, the rift widens.

Taking a leap of faith is just as productive as the statement, “flying by the seat of your pants.“ There is little to be said about these turns of phrases because they are just words of encouragement and those suffering from addictions need more support than that.

It is difficult to trust the judgement of the impaired but it does not mean those suffering from addiction should continue to be discouraged. People should not be given up on.

Ugly words are used when discussing addiction and frankly corse judgement should not come anywhere near the conversation of sobriety. It is a spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally daunting experience where compassion, forgiveness and warmth are needed in facing this adversity.

There are no comforts when facing the daily struggle of poverty, job loss, homelessness & addiction. In addition to a looming pandemic & crippling debt that lords over the country, relief is needed.

It is easy to walk away from a detoxifying process. It is easy to ignore homeless people. It is easy to run away from those facing this adversity.

Facing the rapid decay of life, another year down and another day sober.

They say endure

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