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Oct.31st Full Moon in Taurus: These are the things that remain

Happy Halloween and Micro Full "Blue" Moon in none other than TAURUS!!!!! Yesss that "scary" looking bull that we all know can be a quite stubborn energy! But what most miss is its energy of tenderness, sensuality, pleasure, extreme devotion, love and nurture and beau to the ty!! And the way the cosmos are set up right now, those are the energies we can most enjoy at this time. It's an energy of focusing on our home, our self-worth, the value of our contribution to the world and basically strengthening the health and wealth of those connections! Since Taurus rules the throat chakra (manages your expression/communication), there is an emphasis on how we communicate what we need/want in one way or another and doing it in a way that is thorough and of quality. Because the Sun is in Scorpio, a water-intuitive sign of deep loyalty as well, we're compelled to direct our energy through our intuition. Getting the job done and indulging in good rest while not having to strain your brain because you just went with the flow, navigating your self-worth, confidence in your abilities, and strategizing skills to get through the tasks. The energy is asking us: "Where have I been stuck in my ways?" and is basically dissolving whatever cheap superglue held those false notions together in your minds eye, letting us release old paradigms, and giving us the opportunity to treat them with nurture.

I think one of the most important goals I've found is, what can I do to create a life that enables me being more present more often. What is so emotionally distracting that I can never take time to be still and just appreciate everything I have around me. It striked me that, the step between life and death is but one. One step from being a moving entity to one that's at a full stop. We have this degree of freedom as livelings that moving itself becomes our curse. Well, so we must learn to be still! To be as connected to the earth as the bull would. To feel how soft, cooling and refreshing the earth can be to our touch and how it provides the structure upon which all things can thrive. The same thing is going on on the inside. With this moon we're making sure that the soil we're working with is clear and fertile, and you can't do that if your old, dusty, murky, decaying, patterns are taking up all of the space. We create more space by first being honest with ourselves, in the safety of our own company, by reconnecting with our often deeply buried values, bringing them up to the forefront of your new M.O. and clearing away EVERYTHING else that is already falling out at the seems. We often talk about wanting happiness, prosperity and well getting whatever it is that we want, but the truth is, we're often somehow trapped, confined by the conditioning we've received from Old Thought and have deep down, been too afraid to go after those things. But it's ok! It's okay now! These energies are not letting these things slide (if you go with it!) you will learn what you need to do, how best to feel about something, and what conclusion to make of it. And after all that, you're gonna feel GOOD.


This Full Moon isn't like the rest, just like many things from this past year haven't. It's the second this month which makes it a "Blue" moon; it's the first that lands on Halloween in about 19 years; it's a micro moon which means it's at the furthest distance of it's orbit from the Earth and this all creates a greater wave of energy for us to jump onto and work with! And of course, Mars and Mercury are both currently Retrograde creating a sort of reversive effect on our ideas/communication and actions; there's exact conjunction between the Moon and Uranus, the planet that reigns Aquarius, so it's just the sort of eccentric/erratic energy that can make a Spoopy season that much more exciting! I mean.. it basically tells us that surprises are in store for us and secrets come to light so, get the teapots ready for some spillage.

Because this is a FULL Moon, we are of course, closing a cycle, and what a cycle it is.. We're coming close to the end of the year, we've had a seemingly accelerated learning curb this year and to me this Moon is the first layer that seals in the lessons that I've not only had come my way, but that I also challenged myself to learn. It feels like the year that I got in touch with my intuition and I there was no way of actually "knowing" it. We're all dealing with some kind of struggle and hopefully you've been paying attention to it with care, objectivity, compassion, patience, resilience because WE CAN, we can choose to feel better and for that to REALLY REALLY happen, we need to be honest with ourselves, make the difficult choices, go on the painful journey into what you may have always been running away from. This moon is saying for many of us, there is no turning back!! You did it.. you learned today! And things will never be the same, truly. The past 10 months have gotten you right where you are now so what are you going to do about that now? Now that you've gotten used to asking yourself "Well, now what do I do?"

This weekend would be a good time to reflect on what it requires for you to receive comfort, stability, structure, and even pleasure. Hopefully, by now you've already made those life-changing choices we've been forced to make, with the Sun in Scorpio, you may be only cementing what your intuition has time and time again been screaming at you. And let me just say, it's never an obvious answer, it's never "Ok, I will never date this type of persxn again", it's about the smaller choices, about how you yourself got into a situation and what you allowed throughout it, how many of the choices you've made have somehow been influenced by outside forces that didn't lead you well, that never showed you the right way of doing certain things, and all that that means, is what makes you a whole, joyous and generous persxn. How do you relate to your individuality and to the collective in a healthy way. Well, 1 thing is for sure: you CAN.

Ultimately my dears, the outcomes that you reap are truly a reflection of how you've nurtured your spirituality. Spirituality helps you to love yourself on a profound level that allows you to make the best choices for yourself in every other aspect of your life. It's important to remember that we deserve to feel good as much as we strive to help others feel good. All in moderation and the progress is often far from linear, but being attuned to the energies can help you understand where your own mind is wanting to take you and what about the experiences you're having should you most pay attention to.

Peace, Love and Safe Virtual HUGS

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